November 21, 2018

Macro Scheduler 14.5 Available

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Macro Scheduler build 14.5 is now available for download from the usual places:

Registered Downloads/Upgrades | Trial Versions | New Licenses | Version History

This version adds an improved JSONParse function with improved JSON Path parsing and output of arrays for multiple matches. We’ve also added the long awaited ability to add custom headers to HTTPRequest; the ability to retrieve formulas with XLGetCell instead of just values; support for adding HTML format to the clipboard with PutClipboard and a bunch of other improvements and some small fixes.  For full details see the history list.

May 4, 2018

Macro Scheduler Discounts for Students, Charities and Not-for-Profits

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If you are a student and want to use Macro Scheduler for your studies, please contact us with details and if everything checks out we will give you a 40% discount coupon.

Charities and Not-for-profits

Charities and not-for-profits do amazing things around the world. From small local groups feeding the poor to large organizations addressing global issues, these entities do incredible work often on a shoe string budget. We here at MJT Net Ltd admire the work these people do and hope that by offering them a 40% discount on our software we can support them.

If you represent a charity or not-for-profit organisation please contact us with your details for a 40% discount coupoon.

All we ask in return is that you tell all the people you work with about our software, and how it can help them become more productive (and therefore save your organisation even more money!)

So that this offer is used fairly we ask that you declare that you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have legal charitable or not-for-profit status in your country
  • Must direct at least 90% of any funding or donations to the actual work, and not administration
  • Must have no more than US$2 million in government funding per year
  • Must have a website with your mission and clear outcomes from your work
  • Your organisation must not discriminate against any particular race, age, religion or sexual persuasion

As an alternative to purchasing a license and ongoing maintenance you may wish to consider a monthly subscription.

April 19, 2018

Macro Scheduler Subscriptions from only 12.50/month

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Did you know we offer monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions for Macro Scheduler Standard?

These subscriptions have no minimum term, so can work out very cost effective if you only need the product for a short while. You may also prefer the budgeting aspect of fixed priced subscriptions over the up front cost of a perpetual license and then potential future upgrade or maintenance costs.  I know I do.

A subscription gives you access to the latest version of Macro Scheduler for as long as your subscription is active. So maintenance and upgrades are included and you never go out of date.

Check our the subscription options here.


April 5, 2018

Macro Scheduler 14.4.08 Available

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Macro Scheduler maintenance build 14.4.08 is now available for download from the usual places:

Registered Downloads/Upgrades | Trial Versions | New Licenses | Version History

This version introduces a simple and useful new WebRecorder function called IEGetAllText. It simply gets ALL the text in the specified Internet Explorer browser window, and it will iterate through all frames in the page too. A super simple way of scraping a web page or web app. You can tell it to get just text or html. Once you have that you could parse it with e.g. Regular Expressions.

While we already have functions that let you target a specific element based on a known attribute, this function gives you a quick way of pulling out all the text in the document.

March 14, 2018

Macro Scheduler 14.4.07 – Improved HTTPS Support

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We have today made Macro Scheduler build 14.4.07 available.

This release effects only the HTTPRequest function when using SSL. It addresses an issue where some sites that used SNI (Server Name Identification) would fail to load.

We’ve also made TLS1.2 the default security protocol so that you don’t have to set it explicitly. You can still set a lower version (TLS1 or TLS1.1) if you need to override it by setting TLS_VER to 1 or 11.

Very few sites now use SSLv3 due to its vulnerabilities. Most now require TLS1.2. However, if you MUST use one of the older SSL versions instead of TLS you can do so by setting HTTPS_SSLVER to one of SSLV2, SSLV23, SSL3 or ALL.

It is also no longer necessary to set the HTTP_SSL variable as HTTPRequest will enable it if the URL starts with HTTPS.

So all that is needed for retrieving a page via SSL is:


Finally, the default for HTTP_USERAGENT is now “Macro Scheduler (”. We’ve done this because we discovered that the default value set internally by the development library we use is often filtered out by administrators, causing requests to fail (lots of other apps use the same library). You can of course set it to whatever you want.

March 1, 2018

Macro Scheduler 14.4.05 Update Available

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Macro Scheduler 14.4.05 maintenance release is now available for download from the usual places.

For details of changes please see the history list here.

Registered Updates | Trial Downloads | New Licenses

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year – Welcome to 2018!

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Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to all our customers. This year will be our 21st year of selling Macro Scheduler. I think that’s pretty amazing. Thanks for all your support over the years and for continuing to use Macro Scheduler. It’s always great to hear how Macro Scheduler helps in your work and business processes, so please continue to keep in touch and let us know how it’s helping you. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018!

October 29, 2017

Macro Scheduler 14.4.02 Available

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Macro Scheduler 14.4.02 maintenance release is now available for download from the usual places.

For details of changes please see the history list here.

Registered Updates | Trial Downloads | New Licenses

October 5, 2017

Macro Scheduler 14.4 Released

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I’m pleased to announce that Macro Scheduler 14.4 is now available.

Macro Scheduler 14.4 brings you some cool new Screen OCR functions with a handy little Screen OCR wizard to go with them.

We’ve also added a HoldKey function to make it easier to hold keys down or perform key repeats, a function to set the volume and a new Excel function to attach to an existing – already open – workbook. There’s a handy ArrayFind function to help you find an element in an array quickly and for those of you automating downloads from websites there’s the new IEDoDownload function which “auto-clicks” on IE’s annoying download bar and removes the need for the legacy download manager.

For the more advanced programmer there’s also improved variable type awareness to give you more control over how comparisons take place in complex expressions.

For a full list of changes see the version history here. For trial downloads go here. Registered users can download their copy/upgrade in their account here.

September 19, 2017

OCR Functions Anyone?

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Note: Macro Scheduler 14.4 with OCR was released in October 2017. This post was written prior to that.

A sneaky peak of some new Screen OCR functions we have in development:

Please note that this feature is currently in development and therefore the syntax and final implementation may differ on release.

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