April 9, 2020

Assisting the UK National Health Service

Filed under: Announcements,Automation,General — Marcus Tettmar @ 3:46 pm

We find ourselves in challenging times. At MJT Net we’re all working from home, with the difficulty of trying to educate and entertain our children at the same time.

Of course there is also a great deal of financial uncertainty. Businesses and people everywhere are feeling the pinch, ourselves included.

Clearly though, the biggest challenge is being felt by our amazing health services, which are under incredible pressures.

Behind the scenes, healthcare IT departments are working against the clock, often with huge volumes of data. So it’s great to know that Macro Scheduler is reducing the burden during the current crisis.

Here’s what Tom, a Clinical Systems Developer at an NHS hospital in Northern England, told us last week:

“In a crisis situation, we needed a straightforward automation tool which could help us make quick changes to a wide range of systems – without time to write API code. We found that Macro Scheduler more than fit the bill: it rapidly enabled us to automate repetitive tasks and to free up needed resources – ultimately giving us the time to better support our clinical staff in fighting coronavirus. In particular we have been very impressed with its ability to easily integrate with Google Chrome – like many organisations a lot of our tools are web-based and our ability to build automation into these workflows is a real game-changer.”

If you work for a hospital on the front-line of coronavirus care and would benefit in using Macro Scheduler, or require additional licenses, please contact me using your official work email address, tell me what you need Macro Scheduler for and we will see how we can help.

We’ve worked closely with a few UK hospital trusts over the years. In particular, Bournemouth Hospital has used Macro Scheduler extensively to automate dozens of clinical and administrative processes within the trust. You will find a case study we did with them a few years ago here. Many times Macro Scheduler has been used to streamline processes that save the time of clinicians. And that can mean more patients get seen.