April 3, 2018

Software Automation Scenarios

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Here’s a roundup of links to articles describing various Software Automation scenarios Macro Scheduler has been used in.

Data Entry Automation

Whether it’s filling in a few short forms, or entering thousands of employee records every night, Macro Scheduler can do it. We have thousands of customers running scheduled macros which plug away all night long reading data out of databases and Excel files and entering it into desktop and web applications.

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Automated Testing

Regression testing, or load testing. It’s not a problem for Macro Scheduler.

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Application Integration

Bridging the gap between disparate systems that don’t talk to each other has traditionally been an issue if you don’t have access to the back end or an API. Companies often have legacy systems that are no longer supported, centralised systems they don’t have full access to or modern systems with prohibitive costs associated with them. All of these issues can be solved affordably by automating the front end.

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File Transfers

Downloading files from the internet using HTTP, FTP, SSH, or accessing a soap service. Copying files across the network.

Automating File Transfers

Automating Internet Tasks

Web apps are becoming more and more common in workplaces. Macro Scheduler offers powerful, easy to use functions for controlling web browsers, as well as code wizards to help you build code as you navigate web pages.

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Medical Healthcare Automation

Macro Scheduler has been used by hospitals and other clinics all over the world to improve efficiencies and cut down on repetitive manual tasks.

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Mortgage and Finance Industry Automation

Finance firms can benefit from software automation too. Find out how clients have automated the loan locking process to become more competitive and saved money with automated reconciliation.

Automating Mortgage Software

Aerospace Automation

Find out how NASA used Macro Scheduler to automate software processes on their Boeing 757:

Aerospace (NASA)

Automate Any Technology in Any Industry

Macro Scheduler is a general purpose software automation tool. It was first introduced in 1997 and since then has been used in every conceivable industry. It can automate pretty much anything you can see in your screen. Whatever technology your application uses, and whatever industry you work in Macro Scheduler can help you.