Macro Scheduler is ideal for automated software testing and costs a fraction of the price of most dedicated SQA tools. As far back as 1999 JDE Edwards chose Macro Scheduler over Mercury Winrunner to load test their Oneworld product prior to launch and since then Macro Scheduler has been used by organisations large and small for enterprise-wide automated application testing.

Powerful, yet easy to use

Macro Scheduler's powerful, yet easy to use, language allows for event driven user simulation to drive applications of any kind and gather time critical data. Many enterprise systems provide proprietary testing solutions that are unable to automate external applications. By working at the user level Macro Scheduler bridges that gap, allows automation of disparate systems and gathers more realistic data as a result of user level simulation rather than depending on internal hooks.

Test web apps as well as desktop

The capability to include Microsoft VBScript and interface with Internet Explorer's Document Object Model also makes Macro Scheduler ideal for the automation and testing of web applications. WebRecorder makes web automation even easier by recording Internet Explorer activity and reducing the need for programming skills. Scripts that once took days to produce now take minutes.

Automate the UI at the human user level

The Macro Scheduler Image Recognition Library makes it possible to automate and test applications graphically. Image Recognition methods help you test applications with non-standard UI components; remotely hosted applications where there is no access to the API; and other troublesome applications with awkward interfaces or hidden interface properties.

Regression Testing

Create robust sequential processes that automate UIs and monitor outcomes to determine success or failure. Log results to databases or files. Use virtual environments to run multiple user sessions and synchronise execution.

Load Testing

Run multiple user sessions via virtual environments, synchronise execution and easily time critical sections of code. Log timing data out to database or file and analyse response times.

Value for Money and Cost Savings

Our multi-user licenses represent amazing value for money. All licenses come with free life-time support to ensure you are never without a helping hand while building your automation scripts. A free evaluation version of Macro Scheduler can be download from here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about automated software testing with Macro Scheduler. For information about on-site consultancy and assistance see our Technical Services page.
We found the problem with object oriented test tools like WinRunner, QTP, SilkTest, etc is the partial or non-existant support for the objects under test. As new technologies are created the problem gets worse. These tools have image based workarounds, but they need the script to specify the image location on the screen. We tried some workarounds based on a Windows API command similar to Macro Scheduler's GetPixelColor function to find the images. It worked but was nowhere as well developed or convenient to use as Macro Scheduler's Image Recognition functions. If you have bitmaps of the images your application will display, you can write a script before the application is coded. Macro Scheduler and AppNavigator are great because the same solution works for all technologies that run on Windows. Because the solution is image based it works in development, independent test, and production environments.
Gale Dyvig, Seattle Children's Hospital