Macro Scheduler Pro


Compile and distribute your macros without limits. No runtimes or royalties required.

Turn your macros into standalone executable (.exe) files which you can install on other PCs in your organisation, give to others or sell them.

Run your compiled macros on any Windows PC.

Customize your macros with your own App Title and Icon.

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Macro Scheduler Pro builds on the power of Macro Scheduler Standard task automation software. It also includes the addition of the Script Compiler which converts scripts to standalone executable (.exe) files.

Executables created with the Script Compiler can run on any PC without Macro Scheduler or any other runtimes needing to be installed. They are completely standalone.

Macro Scheduler Pro is particularly suitable for business automation, as you can create script executables to install on other PCs in your enterprise, give to friends and colleagues or even sell to your customers.

What is the Script Compiler?

In one click the Script Compiler converts a macro into an EXE file which will run on any Windows PC. Macro Scheduler does not have to be installed for the EXE to run. No other files need to be installed for the .EXE to run - it is a completely standalone Windows application and is suitable for task automation on any Windows computer.

What is an EXE file?

An EXE file or 'executable' is a program in the same way that Microsoft Word is a program (its EXE file is winword.exe) and Internet Explorer is a program (iexplore.exe).

How do I run my EXE file?

You can run the EXE just by double clicking on it in Explorer or typing it at the command line or Start/Run dialog. You could also create a shortcut to it. It could also be run by a task scheduler or third party application.

How do I get the Script Compiler?

The Script Compiler is included with Macro Scheduler Professional.

How can I test the Script Compiler?

The compiler simply converts a script to an executable and it runs in exactly the same way that it runs from Macro Scheduler ordinarily.

To demo the compiler download the compiler evaluation and install into your Macro Scheduler directory (you must already have Macro Scheduler installed):

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WOW!!!! I am so happy, first with Macro Scheduler Pro, second with the company behind a product that is dedicated to customer service, and third that I have a free weekend to macro myself crazy!!! Thanx for the rapid response, I am already a proud owner of MSPro!!!

Macro Scheduler is currently at the heart of a system I've written for automated retrieval of audio files and insertion into our digital automation system for play on Sirius Satellite Radio. It's responsible for the operation of over 5 of our channels and several other exciting new concepts I'm working on. Great Product!

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