Software Automation Services

You won’t find anyone who can automate a process faster than us.

We have over 20 years experience of automating all kinds of software systems. While automation is not technically challenging it can require a different way of thinking about how we interact with systems that many users and IT staff don’t initially consider. We have valuable experience in working with every conceivable type of UI and know their nuances and gotchas. And of course we live and breathe our own tools and products.

We’ve been automating software since the late 90s. We’ve seen competitors come and go. We have the world’s most capable toolset and the most experience. We’re also knowledgeable with other development tools and often implement our own solutions within and alongside the development of complementary solutions (e.g. PHP web forms that feed UI robots for data entry into legacy interfaces).

We can visit on site or work remotely. We’ve worked with hospitals, factories, financial institutions, software houses, retailers, government agencies, universities and more.

Services Include

  • Initial Training/Consultancy
  • Ongoing training, support and maintenance
  • Full implementations and ongoing maintenance of automation solutions

Cost Effective

Software automation is cost effective. We utilise your existing systems with no architectural changes. Our solutions are independent of technology and do not require costly customisations or vendor support. Users will not need re-training. No reliance on data entry staff.

Enhanced Productivity

By removing manual processes end-users can concentrate on what really matters, making your firm more productive and more profitable. They can get more done, make more widgets, see more prospects, treat more patients – whatever it is that you do.

Consider our work with hospitals. We’ve taken manual data entry jobs away from clinicians and nurses. They love that. A lot. It also means they have more time to do what they are trained to do – help people. They can see more patients. That’s good for patients, good for the community, good for morale, good for targets, and in the case of the NHS and other state supported institutions it’s good for the tax payer. Everyone wins.

We help cut down on repetition, reduce the amount of paper that gets printed and passed around, build software bridges between existing systems to avoid expensive redevelopment and retraining.

Anything Goes

Since 1997 we’ve seen all manner of interfaces (some good, many bad!) and automated all of them. We don’t need prior knowledge of a system to automate it – we know how UIs work – we know how end-users work – we don’t need to know anything about the underlying architecture or how the software was put together or what kind of database it has or what UI framework was used. Doesn’t matter. If we can use it, we can automate it.

Get A Preliminary Consultation

Drop us a line. We’ll set up a web conference so that we can share your screen and you can show us what needs automating. Run us through the process and we’ll let you know what we think is involved and give you a fair estimate. We’re happy to work remotely or onsite depending on requirements.

Book a Consultation

Book a 1 hour remote 1-1 training session or consultation. Get advice, 1-1 training or ask us to write some code for you. Book Session Now.

We Can Build It!

We can automate your task. Don't have the time to learn a new tool? Let us do it for you. Find out more.


I use Macro Scheduler for major load and stress testing of ERP software at customer sites - there is nothing easier and more configurable to implement, and with a terminal server I can run hundreds of sessions to stress test custom applications at my customer sites. I tell my customers constantly to buy Macro Scheduler - I've been using it for years.
Jon Steel, JD Edwards OneWorld CNC Specialist, erpSOURCING LLC

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