Are you spending hours every day manually copying the same files or transferring the same old data? Are you looking to boost your productivity or reduce labor costs?

Macro Scheduler, our Windows Automation Tool, helps businesses large and small save time and money by automating routine file transfers and data extraction.

  • Automate FTP Tasks
  • Automate file uploads and downloads from web sites
  • Automate copying or moving of files across network drives
  • Automate proprietary file transfer systems
  • Automate data file extraction from legacy/in-house systems
  • Automate data extraction from ERP systems

Macro Scheduler can automate any application that runs on Windows, or any screen you can see on your Windows desktop. From high end ERP systems like SAP and Oracle to custom applications built in house and anything in between. Anything you use on Windows can be controlled and manipulated by Macro Scheduler.

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We use Macro Scheduler to automate the process of extracting data files from our financial system and process the data for use by third party reporting software. This used to be a manual process which now takes place automatically over night. Data is now available at start of business day, whereas previously the manual process took up to two ours from start of business. Macro Scheduler made the automation of the procedure very easy and we are pleased with the functionality it provides.
Peter Brown, Group Development Accountant, Northern Rock PLC