"If Only We'd Got To You First!"

"Just wanted to take some time to say thank you for helping us out on this project at such short notice. We'd sunk quite some time into getting up to speed with a competing product, and had bought personal licenses as well as evaluation and then to find that it could not script all the parts we needed, and frankly how terrible their support was left us in a very bad spot - thank God we'd not stumped up the £3k for their .NET module which we were on the verge of doing. We quickly ran through 4 other web automation packages - none of which were up to the job for our task, or the learning curve was too steep to find out - then stumbled on your Macro Scheduler. If only we'd got to you first. Thanks again, I have no doubt we'll find use for Macro Scheduler on other projects - it's a very useful tool to have in the tool-box now."

Chris Brackley, Ideasanvil Ltd

"Finally, a reliable and capable macro program!"

Thank you for the great service for your great product. I tried for years since Automate to get a reliable and capable macro program. Finally, you offer it! Thank you.

Geoff Lesh

"Absolutely Brilliant!"

Absolutely brilliant! This is the best customer support by far that I have experienced!:)

Madars Opelts, Owner of Giraffe Visual

"Best Support Experiences!"

This is one of the best support experiences I've ever had. Thank you!

Chris Wahl, President Wahl Network, LLC

"Reducing Test Time, Improving Test Capabilities"

Our team spend a significant amount of time undertaking application testing and Macro Scheduler has enabled us to reduce the amount of test time significantly. I have been tasked with improving our test capabilities and we will be using Macro Scheduler to facilitate this. Since our purchase in December we have purchased a further two Standard licences and one Pro licence.

Trevor Hughes, New Zealand Customs Service

"Saving our Company Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars"

The customer service your company serves is amazing! On the forums or on the web or by phone.. everyone is so kind and helpful. Great support is hard to find and your products and support have enabled me to save our company (and I'm not joking) hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years!

Mark Duffin, Operations Manager

"Works Great and Saves Costs!"

Macro Scheduler works great for my needs, I have already purchased a license for my server! The large forum community helped me in creating macros that saved costs of automating reports instead of purchasing very expensive programs.

Cesar Torres, ThrustTech

"Saving Numerous Man Hours and Employee Frustration"

The program has been a huge success in the current project I am using it for. It's saved us numerous man hours and employee frustration in a very tedious assignment. It's been running for 15 hours in a loop as of right now as a matter of fact sorting some of the data we need. I have been very happy with its performance and look forward to implementing it in other tasks we have proposed in the future.

Mike Britton, Revenue Assurance, NCR Corporation

"Saving Two Hours/Day with Increased Quality - Great Product!"

I work in a design department at the Voith Group of Companies. We design custom torque limiting safety couplings. Before I came across Macro Scheduler we spent many hours each day manually printing drawings for the production team to work with. Now, after only 8x8 hours of programming, we have a tool that will read txt-files with drawing numbers and print these in correct order, to the correct printer etc. This has cut us some 2 hours each day and completely removes the stress of (maybe) forgetting a drawing or two and always getting the files in correct order.

The next step was to remove the printing completely by automating an email with all the information needed per production order. The production team now open the drawings automatically and we save even more time (and trees). Quality is something that sometimes is forgotten about when lifting the benefits of Macro Scheduler but we have noticed a big change (for the better) after we deployed the scripts.

We find new fields to use Macro Scheduler scripts (compiled as exe files) all the time! Thanks for the great product, awesome support and versatile approach. Great work!

Jimmy Westberg - Design Engineer / Technical Communicator - Voith Group

"Makes Your Life a Lot Easier!"

We have been using Macro Scheduler for over 7 years. We use it to automate a 3 step process that we need to run every 2 hours for a 14 hour period each day. It makes your life a lot easier and the logging is as detailed as you need it to be. I guess what we like best is that you can set it up and let it go, it just works!
Todd Giesige - Programmer - Kellermeyer Bergensons Services

"We Can Use Macro Scheduler to Fix That!"

Macro Scheduler has enabled us, as non programmers, to write our own interfaces and macros between a variety of systems. There is literally some kind of thorny problem that we encounter every day where we think "We can use Macro Scheduler to fix that!" In tandem with the software, working with Marcus has been a real positive; who's approach and responsiveness has really impressed me.
Jonathan Goss - Senior IT Project Manager - Royal Bournemouth Hospital

"Everything Works .. Does things iMacros Can't"

Macro Scheduler Pro is great. I use it in conjunction with iMacros - to do the things iMacros can't. The good news for me, is every upgrade - everything works that I use.
Monte C. Washburn, PMP, DTM Heartland ITS

"Makes You Look Like a Rock Star"

This software is excellent. I only bought it a few weeks ago and I have already automated a bunch of manual stuff and this software makes you look like a Rock Star. Well done!
T.R. Piller, Information Systems Security Officer, ARKRAY USA, Inc.

"Really Impressed .. Great Product"

We are really impressed with Macro Scheduler and MJT Net. What a great product and company!
Larry Hill, Principal Consultant, CalPro Research

"A Robust and Flawless Application used at NASA"

Macro Scheduler is a great and easy product to use. While NASA was flying the Boeing 757 "Aries" I was responsible for the onboard network, which for obvious IT security reasons was isolated from the Internet. With a limited crew day and only an hour for pre-flight preps on the 25 aircraft research systems onboard the airplane and before our mission would commence, I relied on Macro Scheduler to simplify all my tasks and keep our flight on schedule. Before I even arrived in the morning Macro Scheduler, on my office computer, had connected to a website and downloaded and burned a CD containing the latest Anti-Virus Definitions. So when I got in to work, everything for the aircraft was ready to go to the flight line, I simply took the CD to my station on the plane and Macro scheduler updated the virus protection on every computer as the operators turned each system on during pre-flight. Since meticulous logs need to be collected I counted on Macro Scheduler to collect and archive these documents. I have used Macro scheduler to format and display reports from my research station the Digital Processing and Display System Pallet (DPDS) on the plane for Quick Look data to show our scientists after a mission. Macro Scheduler was a tool I relied on heavily at work. As I count on it at work, I also use it in my home life to collect information about my finances and investments. I am no programmer but reading the support forums I have been able to make Macro Scheduler simplify my hectic and busy schedule. It is a very robust and flawless application.
Richard Chase, Electronics Engineer, NASA

"Thank you for a truly superior product!"

Thank you for a truly superior product! I used this at a previous place of employment and developed a system to autopopulate our very static software. When the software vender sent training staff they were so impressed they offered me a job! I now work for them and have you to thank for it!
Mark Adams, MBA, STRATEGIQ Project Manager Elekta Services.

"A Well Thought Out, Easy to Use Interface. Incredibly Flexible"

As the owner of a small software publishing company we have to perform many repetitive tasks to keep up with our clients and products. We have found Macro Scheduler to be the most efficient way we have of transferring data back and forth between the various programs that we use to manage our business. For example, we receive e-mails notifying us of clients who have downloaded our software and we have set up a Macro Scheduler script to automatically take the contact information from e-mails and insert them into an Excel spreadsheet. Then we use another script to create registration codes for the client and then the same script sends them an e-mail that contains the registration information. A well thought out and easy to use user interface makes preparation of the scripts a very simple process. And on the occasions when we need tech support we always got a response back in hours rather than days. As a software developer this is crucial in being able to respond to our clients. We constantly find new uses for Macro Scheduler because it is incredibly flexible across all of the business software that we use. I am thankful for the many hours we have saved using Macro Scheduler.
Arthur Saltzman, President Para Technologies. Publishers of Stretch Break Ergonomic Software.

"Service With Class"

We have just recently implemented Macro Scheduler Pro and we are very impressed. Not only does this save us hours of data entry but it's very easy to use. The support and customer service we received was second to none. I will be using MJTNET in the future for any of our scripting needs and would recommend them to anyone looking for service with class.
Jerry Kane, IT Manager, Specialty Printing, LLC

"I could not be without Macro Scheduler"

I use some of my scripts almost daily and would not be able to do my things without your program. Every week, I do a four hour Dbase update between Excel-VBA calculations and Access, and I wouldn't know how to do that unattended without your program".
Jan G. Dil, The Netherlands

"A Great Product which Helps with Database Synchronization"

By the way, Macro Scheduler is a great product. It allowed me to routinely dump the XML for 100+ PDF forms from Adobe LiveCycle Designer so that we could make sure the forms were synchronized with our database.
Ferrell Drewry, USA

"This is a Fantastic Piece of Software"

This is a fantastic piece of software. I don't purchase software too often with great free alternatives being available for most things, but man, the versatility of this is incredible. The command locator is fantastic. I have been able to do anything I've tried with this so far without having to spend inordinate amounts of time figuring out the scripting commands. Granted, I do have a bit of programming experience, but it's not like you have to take classes or read books to figure this out with just a bit of common sense. Bravo, this certainly deserved my money!
Anthony DiMasi, Florida USA

"A wonderful tool for robust scripts"

Macro Scheduler is a wonderful tool. With its ability to incorporate VBScript, I have only to imagine a process to automate and I know it can be done with Macro Scheduler. It allows me to create scripts that are robust and can easily recover from upset conditions. By the way, it was Jon Steel who introduced me to the program. Now you have not one, but two, raving fans! Keep up the good work.
John Stribling, Jacksonville. FL

"I freak'n love this macro program ... WOW!!!"

I have been experimenting with your software. I freak'n LOVE this macro program. It has so many possibilities! I'm pretty new to this software (maybe a week since I found you) and I have used other macro programs. They all seem to be missing something. Mostly if you wanted to do something (like press a button) you had to record the action.(and you know how unreliable that is!) But with your software..... WOW!!!!! And it works every last time! My last macro program (though it was the best I could find at the time) would allow you to right click, but didn't have any way of left clicking!!! You made this software very well. It's simple, but it has the umph when you need it. You can rely on the macro you write to work the same way every time. AWESOME!!!!
Brian A.K.A PepsiHog

"Exceeds one's expectations so comprehensively"

I just wanted to thank you for your help. Often trivial things can cause long delays or unnecessary diversions but your prompt and pragmatic advice saved me from any such possibility. I've found [Macro Scheduler] itself very good, easy-to-use and generally forgiving of errors. I've been writing a macro to get some info from a website, do some analysis and plot some charts and, under some circumstances, send me a text message. I'd thought I might have to pay someone to do the work or that it might take me a week or more (I'm not a programmer except for some long-ago and best forgotten Fortran) . In the event, I've done the whole thing myself in not much more than a couple-of-days' work. And some other interesting possibilities have occurred to me while I've been doing it. It's not often one comes across something which exceeds one's expectations so comprehensively.
Simon Anthony

"A high level of business integrity"

I have always admired the functionality, organization, and presentation of Macro Scheduler. Now, I can add a high level of business integrity to the list. Your support and professionalism is much appreciated and, unfortunately, much too rare these days.
Richard Greenbaum, UK

"The best thing since peanut butter met jelly"

I used to work for a company that used Macro Scheduler, and I think it's just the best thing since peanut butter met jelly. I can't tell you how many hours it saved me there, and I'm finding it will do the same at my new job.
Alan Williams White River Health System

"I now have a full time employee that works 24/7 for free"

I'm a small business owner (A one man operation) selling software titles I create with Macro Scheduler Pro. And I use Macro Scheduler for filling orders. Not only is Macro Scheduler answering sales emails but it is uploading information about the sales to my server, activates each product a customer purchased and sends an email to the customer with the registration information they need to register the product. Finally, it sends a confirmation email of each fulfilled order to my business email account for my own personal records. Manually this took me 3-5 minutes per order. With Macro Scheduler, 4-5 seconds each. I can now go to lunch or go to bed for the night without having to worry about customers having to wait for me to get back behind the keyboard before they will receive their product activation codes. I now have a full time employee that works 24/7 for free! Thank you MJTNet for offering this great product and great technical support.
S. Becker cp-autos.com

"Overall a really excellent product, and fantastic support"

Just a quick note to say thanks as we recently bought Macro Scheduler and have now just about finished development of the application (scripts) for which it was purchased. Overall a really excellent product, and fantastic support. It will undoubtedly save us a lot of time and money in the coming months, and no doubt we will find lots of new ways to make use of it.
Simon Norris periscopix

"The best software I have ever purchased in my life"

This has to be by far the best software I have ever purchased in my life. I recouped my investment within the first 10 minutes of using the software. I'm on day 3 now and every few hours I create another free employee to work for me. Thanks MJTNet!
Bill Karas Miami Software Development

"MJTNET puts the word CARE back into Customer Care"

"Macro Scheduler is an excellent piece of software. But there is something a lot better than Macro Scheduler... And that is the EXELLENT custumer service you get!!! I can honestly tell you that I have dealt with many companies, MANY, and I have never received the level of customer care that I receive from the support team at MJTNET.com. NEVER!!! MJTNET puts the word CARE back into Customer Care... and they redefine the very meaning of CARE. You can't write a macro for that !!!"
Brian Johnson

"A very fine job of keeping things simple"

As a seasoned independent consultant specializing in streamlining business processes, automation comes into play nearly everyday of my professional life.

Macro Scheduler is the most robust Windows/Internet automation program that you are going to get for anywhere near the price they charge for Macro Scheduler. There are a couple of others that have more bells and whistles but your pocketbook will be paying a heavy price for them. Most of my customers are interested in saving money, that is why they brought me onto the scene - few are interested in spending thousands of dollars when this program will automate nearly anything with little or no human intervention for a fraction of the cost.

While I would like to see them integrate access to JScript there is support for VBScript. I guess that part of the charm of this program is that they have done a very fine job of keeping things simple, thus their decision to go with VBS rather than JS?

If you ever do get stuck, the context sensitive help system will bring you directly to the command in question's explanation. In the recent versions they have integrated a system that makes it nearly impossible to make syntax errors in your code because of its' Script Builder technology, that quickly walks you through each command as you go.

If you do run into problems beyond those just mentioned, MJT is beyond compare when it comes to customer support. They will help you fast via email, a bulletin board system or even do a remote log-in to your site should that become necessary!

So many companies now-a-days try to sweep deficiencies under the carpet using many techniques like erasing BBS messages, requesting users to 'take it off line with them' etc. - if someone discovers a deficiency in Macro Scheduler, it is discussed amongst as many users as would care to help troubleshoot, then fixed and publicly released!

If I could get customer support in a tenth of the companies I deal with that are as courteous and talented as they are at MJT, I would simply be in heaven!

Bottom line is that if I could only one have one macro tool in my briefcase, this would be the chosen one, hands down.

User Review on Softpedia

"I love this product!"

I love this product! I use it to develop personal productivity tools and to automate activities in business applications running locally on the PC or delivered via local servers, Citrix, and the internet. So far I have not come across an application I have not been able to automate. It would be difficult to measure the time this software has saved myself and others!"

John Basinger

"The Real Deal"

I have had this software now for one week and it is the real deal. The GUI is intuitive and user friendly. Everything just seems to be where it should be. The documentation is extensive and quickly accessible from within the application. I'm smiling because I have already automated a couple of small tasks. Your script examples and tutorials really helped make the learning curve shorter. So glad I purchased this. Keep up the good work.

Steve Matheys - Dakota Drywall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

"How to turn 3 Weeks into 7 Hours"

After using Macro Scheduler Pro for a little over a week, already I have found uses which I had never even thought possible prior to purchasing. I run a small 1 to 2 man business where most jobs are done by myself. I really need extra staff but can't afford them.

To me, Macro Scheduler is an extra employee. I employed him for a one-off fee of approx. £70. He is happy to work overtime and unsocial hours without pay. He didn't need a contract of employment and is happy to do any job I ask of him and at any time. I can even give him the day off when I need the computer, knowing that he's happy to come in after normal work hours to do his jobs. He saves me time and makes me time.

There are a lot of repetitive computer related jobs to be done regularly of which one in particular is to produce up to 700 PDF files of packaging inserts - all with different content - ready for printing. I estimate that a macro which I have just written and tested on a sample number of files will take approx. 7 hours to complete the whole 700 PDFs. Doing this manually - between other jobs - would take at least 3 weeks in normal working hours to complete.

Trevor Clegg, The Stitch Studio

"I am so satisfied with this software"

I am so satisfied with this software. It's value can't be overemphasized. It has helped me automate so many things - even with our old fashioned emulator (Meditech).
Christopher Cruz, Good Samaritan Hospital

"A brilliant piece of work"

Macro scheduler is a brilliant piece of work, by obviously, very talented people. I must also compliment the writer of the help section which is the most concise and clear help I have seen. A genius piece of work in itself. It enabled me to be up and running in 20 mins. I used MS in the past to automate the testing of telephone lines overnight for a national Telco, after the field staff had repaired them. This was a quality check on field work. I also used it for data purification on cable records in a Telco, which saved massive man hours in manual correction of record errors.
Ray Neville, Neville Software Engineering

"The software is a GEM"

I submitted an earlier review [on download.com] of the ASTONISHINGLY GOOD pre-sale support. Now, I have accomplished my goal of automating Microsoft Street & Trips for showing real estate broker market data. Point 1: The product works; Point 2: The product WORKS! Yippee!; Point 3: I thought that the tech support couldn't get any better than the pre-sale service, but I was wrong! Marcus in tech support virtually 'adopted' my project (visitation via remote desktop software provided by MJT [g]) to help me in tutorial fashion with the actual code (not even just conceptual solutions, which would have been great, but in working out the actual code of my application). The ONLY other company that comes close is Infragistics, and they sell a $1,000 package (including about $300 for their annual support). How Marcus can provide such terrific support for a $75 package is totally beyond my understanding, but I certainly appreciate this FREE support! I am a 'raving fan', and I would buy ANY software that I needed that MJT produced. I also plan to contract with the company for consulting on an extension of my project. The software is a GEM, and the support is one of the "top-two" support experiences that I have ever experienced before and after a software buy!
Terry Hunter, CEO Hunter-Pacifica

"A tool more powerful than anything they ever imagined"

Since 1998, we have been using Macro Scheduler to run our entire company's round-the-clock reporting. When SMTPSendMail was introduced, we were able to deliver hourly, e-mail-based reporting for all of our clients. And now, with msNet, we've given our clients a tool more powerful than anything they ever imagined: on-demand reporting from anywhere in the world. Wow! Great job MJT Net!
Jerry Gilels, President TeleQuery.Net, Inc.

"It is a fantastic tool, I can't recommend it enough"

I have no experience with programming and the majority of my work is with unix. Using Macro Scheduler I have automated a ticksheet, got it to flag when there is changes to the IS network, and got it to respond to alarms, gather details from them populate trouble tickets and send them to support teams. I am currently creating a macro that generates macros. It is a fantastic tool, I can't recommend it enough.
Miles Williams

"Great Product!"

Macro Scheduler is currently at the heart of a system I've written for automated retrieval of audio files and insertion into our digital automation system for play on Sirius Satellite Radio. It's responsible for the operation of over 5 of our channels and several other exciting new concepts I'm working on. Great Product!
Jeremy Savage, Sirius Satellite Radio, New York


We are a retail automobile outlet. I use Macro Scheduler to do all of our automation. We run credit on the web with an auto submit macro that I created with the help of MJT Technical Support. They have been a God-send and the best technical support that I have found. I emailed them a question and within a few minutes they had not only an answer but suggestions on how to improve my project. I cant say thank you enough to MJT Technical Support. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT. THANK YOU
Tim Gantz, Island Sales & Leasing MIS Director

"Much better than other programs"

Congratulations for your really good Macro Generating program!! I've spent a lot of time the last few days with other programs (like "Macro Magic") which are not half as good as yours. Especially your string functions and your window title comparings work much better than other programs. Now I can really automate my special tasks. Great! Keep on developing such good utilities. Tomorrow I'm going to register your program! Greetings from Switzerland.
Dieter Voegtli, Oberwil, Switzerland

"Simply Brilliant"

In case I forget to mention it I think this program is simply brilliant, I could not count the hours of work it saves me every week. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you for your co-operation.
Thomas Farrell, QualifaX Data Collection, Ireland

"I'm saving 8 hours every day"

Previous to using Macro Scheduler, I was paying an employee to, each night, produce a series of reports for customers, then stand by the fax machine for 2 hours to send the reports to the customers. Using Macro Scheduler, I was able to eliminate both the problems with this method (missed reports, etc.) and the need for the employee to do the job at all. Since starting the Macro Scheduler process, we have doubled the number of nightly reports which are sent in this manner. I am positive I would have been effectively paying someone to stand by the fax machine for 8 hours had we not begun using Macro Scheduler.
Andrew Holland, Idealease, Inc. Barrington, IL

"One of the greatest windows macro programs I've ever used"

Let me first say that I think this is one of the greatest windows macro program I've ever used and I thank you for all the time and effort you've spent making this the program that it is.
Ron Mundekis, AFGE Local

"Too bad there are so few like you"

Thanks for the update email and your NEW features are GREAT!!! it's real pleasure doing business with you, because you treat customers like they should be treated in business. Too bad there are so few like you.
Dan Caligiuri

"Data is now available at start of business day"

We use Macro Scheduler to automate the process of extracting data files from our financial system and process the data for use by third party reporting software. This used to be a manual process which now takes place automatically over night. Data is now available at start of business day, whereas previously the manual process took up to two ours from start of business. Macro Scheduler made the automation of the procedure very easy and we are pleased with the functionality it provides.
Peter Brown, Group Development Accountant, Northern Rock PLC

"Imagine having a tireless employee that you don't have to pay"

"Imagine having a tireless employee that you don't have to pay, that does everything you say exactly the same way every time. I work at home on the internet and Macro Scheduler does most of the work for me!
Macro Scheduler:
1. Wakes me up.
2. Checks and sorts my email from all my accounts, (and answers some of it!).
3. Automatically places hundreds of classifieds for me on schedule.
4. Delivers products to my customers (programs and electronic books).
5. Maintains my computer and hard drive, backups, scandisk, etc.
6. Downloads my favorite web pages for me to read every morning.
7. Distributes press releases for me.
and much more!

In fact, Macro Scheduler does so much for me that I bought a second computer for it to use. That computer now works for me 24 hours, 7 days and I hardly ever touch it!"

Blake Delaney

"Thank you for an excellent usable program that works"

I have researched a few schedulers and all but Macro Scheduler (MS) have been either overwhelming, don't want to work, or lock up the computer and freeze. The macros I run are simple and effective particularly with 3rd party communications programs. I am using PC Anywhere 32 and Procom3 which I require to handle Kermit protocol..... MS calls a script in PC anywhere which handles error control and on completion "ends session" - this transfers a file which contains Tank inventory dips only. The appropriate time is allocated in MS for this transfer, MS then calls 2 more PC anywhere scripts at different terminals with allocated time for file transfers, on completion MS is nested to another script in MS called Terminal Dips, this calls up Lotus 123r5w and runs a Lotus macro which on completion of running, prints the macro results to Winfax Lite and repeats the process on two more scripts. On completion another MS script calls Winfax Lite and sends the faxes to the appropriate locations. Thank you for an excellent usable program that works.
George Peters, Operations Manager Universal Terminals Inc. Cornwall Ontario Canada

"Without doubt the most useful utility I have ever found"

"Macro Scheduler is without doubt the most useful utility I have ever found. I use it for an enormous variety of tasks ranging from repeating repetitive tasks to improving the operation of other applications to suit my purposes. These are a just few examples.

1. When Windows Starts I use Macro Scheduler to launch my startup applications so that they run in the order that I require with preset delays between them. This solved a problem I had with applications conflicting by being run all at once.

2. I use Macro Scheduler to automatically make daily and weekly backups of various files using other utilities to update zip files for example. The automatic daily backup of my system registry has saved me from disaster on many occasions.

3. I like to change the screen-saver regularly but couldn't find any utility that worked in the way I wanted, so now I use Macro Scheduler to change them automatically. It also changes settings in some of the screensavers by amending the registry or ini/dat files as appropriate to give even more variety.

4. When I connect to the Internet I like to have some other applications running in the system tray and Macro Scheduler runs them automatically as well as launching my connection software and dialling.

5. I got fed up with games being interrupted if I forgot to turn off the screen-saver and Windows task Scheduler so now all my games are launched by Macro Scheduler which turns these off automatically. It also checks the correct CD is loaded and for certain games the screen resolution is changed before running.

6. I have an application to encrypt files but it couldn't work from the context (right click) menu in explorer without further user input so I added a script to set the passkey and other details automatically. The script is encrypted itself to maintain security.

7. I wanted to disassemble some animated gif files into separate frames (some over 100) but there was no quick way in my application to so this. In 5 minutes I had written a quick script in Macro Scheduler to do it and saved hours of repetitive work.

Richard Heaton, Consultant

"One of the most useful programs I have come across"

The Macro Scheduler is one of the most useful programs I have come across. In my case it is used in conjunction with the Midi Genie to operate a church based community radio station. All music is stored on hard drives in wave format and played with the 'Midi Genie' music player. The macro-scheduler is programmed to change the lists of music at certain times. It can be set to change the list when the current file has finished playing or when a certain file is played. It also moves files from one folder to another on a weekly basis so that it can operate without attention for weeks at a time. If anyone would like more information on the system you can contact me at [email protected]
Matthew Steele

"Are you aware how incredible your product is?"

"Are you aware how incredible your product is? If not, I'll tell you. Please feel free to use any of this material in whole or in part, in any of your marketing material.

Here's why your Macro Scheduler is the absolute best :

I have tried approximately 6 of your competitors, and your software has all the best features of all the others. Many of the others lack important features, but yours has ALL of them. I like the way it includes mouse movements - many of the others do not. I like the way it has a record facility - some of the others do not. I like the way I can write my own scripts *without* using the record - many others do not allow this. I like the way I can edit scripts - many others will only record keyboard actions and not allow you to edit them. I like the way I can use previously useless function keys, such as F12 etc. 6.2 makes even further use of these - many of the others don't let you use function keys.

I have very many repetitive tasks, and I have calculated how much time your software saves me :

1. Answering emails.
I have a macro which will grab the email address of the sender and reply with the appropriate message all at the touch of one button. Previously : 3 hours per day With Macro Scheduler : 30 - 60 minutes

2. Making astrological blueprints which are then cropped, cut and pasted into an email.
I have a macro which will do this for me. It makes the blueprint, catches the correct email address to send it to, writes the email, crops the blueprint, saves the blueprint with the correct name, then attaches it to an email and sends it. Previously : 4 hours per day With Macro Scheduler : 45 minutes

3. Filling orders received via my website.
Previously : 5 minutes each, total time 60 minutes per day With Macro Scheduler 6.2 : About 15 seconds each, less than 5 minutes daily.

4. Writing repetitive web pages.
This is the best one. I am writing a website for my brother which involves writing 160 pages which are almost identical, except for a few names and images. I write a Macro which writes the entire html document, changing a few variables each time which are read from a text file (also generated by MS 6.2) Previously : 5 - 6 hours Now : About 1 minute. Not kidding.

5. FTP'ing up to 20 websites.
Previously : About 30 minutes With Macro Scheduler 6.2 : about 5 mins

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have 103 macro's.


Here's why Macro Scheduler is good for my health.. I am sure you haven't thought of this angle before :

I have been using computers since I was 10. I am now 34. This has taken its toll on my wrists and fingers. I am using Macro Scheduler 6.2 in conjunction with a USB keypad which has 20 extra keys. I can assign each key an action, such as "ctrl alt P". This allows me to use MS 6.2 without having to remember countless shortcuts, and reduces even further the amount of keystrokes I have to make. Instead of pressing "ctrl alt p" I just hit the button on the USB keypad. Also in my armory I have a Cirque Easy Cat. This is an alternative to a mouse, and is a little mouse pointer controller similar to what we see on the laptops (little grey flat pad you slide your finger across). These three things mean I achieve far more every day than I used to, and my fingers and wrists don't hurt anymore.

So. Now you know how great your product is.

Kind regards,

Alison Richards www.FantasticFamilyMembers.com

"I LOVE Macro Scheduler"

I have recently purchased Macro Scheduler Pro. I have been working as a medical transcriptionist and am required to move transcribed data from Word on my computer to a form on an internet site. Copying the body of the transcription was fine but having to copy data to multiple boxes on the site was NOT. Macro Scheduler has reduced significantly the time I have to spend on each report because I have used it to create a macro to automatically move the information. I LOVE Macro Scheduler for that reason alone, but now I am thinking of lots of other uses for it. I have had some programming experience but am not great at it and I had no trouble figuring out how to use Macro Scheduler -- that was a big plus.
Carol Richmond, Medical Transcriptionist

"Other macro programs are terrible"

Most of the other macro programs available on the Internet are terrible, many of these just don't work at all. All of the rest make you use task manager for scheduled tasks, which requires your computer to have an active password, which isn't always desirable. It's good that Macro Scheduler doesn't force this option on you for scheduled tasks.
James Ecclestone