msNet - Macro Scheduler Remote Controller

With msNet you can run macros across the network or Internet. Simply put, msNet lets you run macros on remote Macro Scheduler installations.

msNet comprises three main components - a server component which enables Macro Scheduler to listen for remote run requests; remote controller utilities to make remote run requests; and a webserver CGI module which can be used to integrate Macro Scheduler scripts into web pages and web server applications.

With msNet support departments can more efficiently administer networked computers by running Macro Scheduler automation scripts across the network.

The CGI module means Macro Scheduler can be used for web scripting and enables integration of Macro Scheduler macros with web applications.

msNet comes with Macro Scheduler Pro Enterprise.

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Since 1998, we have been using Macro Scheduler to run our entire company's round-the-clock reporting. When SMTPSendMail was introduced, we were able to deliver hourly, e-mail-based reporting for all of our clients. And now, with msNet, we've given our clients a tool more powerful than anything they ever imagined: on-demand reporting from anywhere in the world. Wow! Great job MJT Net!
Jerry Gilels, President TeleQuery.Net, Inc.