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Automate anything in Windows!

Not just a macro recorder. A powerful, full featured, easy to use robotic process automation tool for Windows.

Reliable Windows GUI automation for any software or business process.

Improve efficiency, remove repetition & reduce costs.

Automating Fortune 100 Companies Since 1997

Royalty free .exe distribution included with Pro version.

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Desktop Automation

Any desktop application can be automated. Use the Macro Recorder, Macro Editor, Code Wizards, Screen Object Recognition and more to automate anything you see on your screen.

Web Automation

Macro Scheduler's WebRecorder builds code as you navigate a site. Use the built in IE, Chrome & Edge functions and IE Object Wizard to easily add code that connects to the underlying HTML elements.

Wizards, Editor & Debugger

Use the macro recorder, code builders and wizards to automate Windows in minutes. You also get a full featured macro editor with debugger, code completion and syntax prompting, so making modifications is a snap.

Support & Services

We are here to help you with free email based support and our popular forums. Or let us automate your processes for you. We are the experts. We've been automating user interfaces since 1997!


Our customers love Macro Scheduler. Here's what they are saying ...

This has to be by far the best software I have ever purchased in my life. I recouped my investment within the first 10 minutes... Thanks MJTNet!

Microsoft came in and said there was no way to automate a particular problem. I downloaded Macro Scheduler and had a working fix in one day!

Thank you for the great service for your great product. I tried for years since Automate to get a reliable and capable macro program. Finally, you offer it! Thank you.

Macro Scheduler image recognition just saved me 6 hours of mind numbing work and my program only took me about 15 minutes to write!

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive, Reliable Automation for any Software or Business Process. Improve efficiency & remove repetition.
  • Keyboard & Mouse Macro Recorder, Code Builders and Wizards - Easily Automate Windows in Minutes.
  • UI Automation Functions - Manipulate UI elements, windows & objects; simulate user input. Watch a demo.
  • Convert Macros to executable (.EXE) files for distribution on other PCs. (Pro Version)
  • Unique Screen Image Recognition functions for automation of ANY process. Watch a demo.
  • Unique Screen Text Capture and OCR functions to retrieve/monitor screen text.
  • Edge & Chrome functions, IE WebRecorder and IE Code Wizards for Building Web Macros - Interface between Web and Desktop.
  • Easy to use Debugger - Step Through Macros, Inspect Variables, Get Results Fast!
  • Flexible Scheduler & Unique AutoLogon Technology for Unattended Operation (Automate Windows even when it's locked/logged out).
  • Over 300 Powerful Built-in Script Commands, Loops, Conditionals etc, Plus Microsoft VBScript.

Customers of our Macro Recorder and Automation Solution
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