No automation tool would be complete these days without support for the three main web browsers. And with more and more apps moving to the API driven cloud, internet protocol functions are essential.

Macro Scheduler includes native functions for Chrome, Edge and IE plus easy to use HTTP request capabilities for consuming cloud resources.

  • Native functions for automating IE, Edge and Chrome.
  • WebRecorder builds IE code as you browse the web. The IE find element wizard simplifies finding element identifiers and creates the code for you.
  • Use names, ids, css selectors and xpath to identify elements for Chrome and Edge. Our simple guides show you how to identify elements using the tools that come with Chrome and Edge.
  • Traverse through frames and iframes and access the elements within them.
  • Macro Scheduler includes an easy to use HTTP Request function for interacting with web resources such as APIs. Parse JSON and XML responses easily. Set custom headers and perform GET, POST, DELETE and PATCH operations.
  • Use the built in FTP, Telnet, SMTP and POP3 functions.
  • Fall back on image recognition and legacy desktop automation functions for anything that requires real user simulation or for web technologies which don't expose html elements.
  • Macro Scheduler is the ideal tool for integrating legacy desktop apps with cloud services. Many of our customers are using Macro Scheduler to transfer data from one to the other, or creating end-end automations of processes that involve legacy desktop steps and cloud based apps together.

Macro Scheduler Seamlessly Blends Older GUIs with Newer APIs

Find out how IT services company Cloud2T use Macro Scheduler to bridge the gap between legacy desktop applications and cloud API services to streamline client automation projects.

Read the case study here.


Our customers love our Web Automation Software. Here's what they are saying ...

Being able to move between GUI and API methods to handle our automation needs is priceless

We quickly ran through 4 other web automation packages - none of which were up to the job for our task, or the learning curve was too steep to find out - then stumbled on your Macro Scheduler. If only we'd got to you first.

We have just recently implemented Macro Scheduler Pro and we are very impressed. Not only does this save us hours of data entry but it's very easy to use.

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