Macro Scheduler is packed with features to help you automate any desktop application.

When Macro Scheduler was born in 1997 we were first with intelligent window control functions and we continue to innovate.

  • Window and object control functions - wait for and focus windows by title, class or handle, use substring/regex pattern matching to identify windows and objects. Where available manipulate objects via their IAccessible interface. Use the wizards to locate windows and objects and create the code for you.
  • Intelligent waits - wait for windows to appear, disappear, and be ready. Capture something on the screen and wait for it to appear and find its location. Wait for files and other events.
  • Send keyboard and mouse events - simulate user input by sending keystrokes and mouse events. Focus windows and objects or send keys directly to specific controls.
  • Screen image recognition to find and manipulate any visual element with tolerance built in. Technology agnostic: no matter the underlying technology and without needing to understand the internals - simply capture anything visual on the screen and have the macro find and manipulate it just like a human would do. The macro literally ‘sees’ the screen.
  • Native text extraction and Screen OCR. Capture text from the screen. Specify a window or screen area and use OCR where Windows native text isn’t accessible.
  • Built in Excel functions - You can extract data from Excel spreadsheets, output data to Excel, manipulate spreadsheets and even run any VBA code.
  • Microsoft VBScript, Python and access to the Win32 API built in - For more extensibility, windows internals or to access ActiveX components
  • Create your own UIs with the custom dialog builder - if your macros need to be interactive use the simple WYSIWYG dialog designer to create your own user interfaces to use in your macros.
  • Access SQL databases - access any SQL data source over ODBC/ADO. Read from/write to local/remote databases.
  • And so much more ...


Our customers love our Desktop Automation Software. Here's what they are saying ...

I love this product! I use it to automate activities in business applications running locally on the PC or delivered via local servers, Citrix, and the internet. So far I have not come across an application I have not been able to automate. It would be difficult to measure the time this software has saved myself and others!"

Macro Scheduler works great for my needs, I have already purchased a license for my server! The large forum community helped me in creating macros that saved costs of automating reports instead of purchasing very expensive programs.

Thank you for a truly superior product! I have used this to develop a system to autopopulate our very static software. When the software vender sent training staff they were so impressed they offered me a job!

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