Are you spending hours every day manually copying data from one window to another, or transcribing information from Excel or Word into a web form or other screen? Are you looking to boost your productivity or reduce labor costs?

Macro Scheduler, our Windows Automation Tool, helps businesses large and small save time and money by enabling automatic data entry tasks.

The vast majority of systems in use in companies today were designed to be used by human beings with little or no thought given to how they might be automated. All around the world employees are wasting precious time retyping data into ERP systems, web forms, and other in-house applications. Even though it may be possible technically to interface directly with the underlying database this usually requires specialist IT knowledge and it may be difficult to prioritise resource from the IT department or considered too expensive to hire in outside help. And in many cases, especially with legacy systems, the database may be proprietary, undocumented and the vendor may not even be in business any more.

But with Macro Scheduler the user interface can be automated without any specialist IT knowledge. By automating the user interface data can be extracted and input directly into the screen that the user would normally interract with, bypassing the need to work at the database level and removing the need for specialist skills or expensive consultants. Indeed for legacy applications this may be the only solution available.

  • Automate Data Entry
  • Automate Data Transcription
  • Automated Data Transfer
  • Automate Copying of Data from Excel to Web Forms
  • Automate Copying of Data from Excel to desktop apps and green screens
  • Automate OCR to Data Entry Tasks
  • Automated Scanning/OCR Filing
  • Automated Data Verification

Macro Scheduler can automate any application that runs on Windows, or any screen you can see on your Windows desktop. From high end ERP systems like SAP and Oracle to custom applications built in house and anything in between. Anything you use on Windows can be controlled and manipulated by Macro Scheduler.

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"I have recently purchased Macro Scheduler Pro. I have been working as a medical transcriptionist and am required to move transcribed data from Word on my computer to a form on an internet site. Copying the body of the transcription was fine but having to copy data to multiple boxes on the site was NOT. Macro Scheduler has reduced significantly the time I have to spend on each report because I have used it to create a macro to automatically move the information. I LOVE Macro Scheduler for that reason alone, but now I am thinking of lots of other uses for it. I have had some programming experience but am not great at it and I had no trouble figuring out how to use Macro Scheduler -- that was a big plus."
Carol Richmond, Medical Transcriptionist
"We have just recently implemented Macro Scheduler Pro and we are very impressed. Not only does this save us hours of data entry but it's very easy to use. The support and customer service we received was second to none. I will be using MJTNET in the future for any of our scripting needs and would recommend them to anyone looking for service with class."
Jerry Kane, IT Manager, Specialty Printing, LLC