Eliminating repetitive data entry and interfacing incompatible applications are just the beginning of what you can do with Macro Scheduler. This easy-to-use Windows software automation tool is designed specifically for automating those complex and time consuming manual software processes that eat up your time and cost you money.

With the number of brokerage firms dwindling rapidly and many more making employee cutbacks, the effects of the double-edged sword are being felt by those still remaining: more business to be had, but with less man-power. By using Macro Scheduler to automate intricate, time consuming processes, many of our mortgage industry customers have experienced tremendous results.

Lock loans in less than 5 minutes

There are numerous steps involved in locking a loan - reading internal data, visiting countless external websites and re-entering the same data over and over again, to name a few. Traditional loan locking can take up to 40 minutes per loan, leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table if you're not able to secure loans at the promised rate.

By automating the loan locking process, you can be locking multiple loans in less than 5 minutes.

Using our tools, our customers have been able to do amazing things in lean times:

  • Lock $200-300 million dollars worth of loans in one week. That's locking them, entering the data, recording, communicating, etc.
  • Another customer was able to lock 75 loans in a single day, with only one person in the office.
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Link directly to your Loan Origination and Processing Software

It's no secret that there is a tremendous amount of information required to process a mortgage loan. It comes from a variety of sources, in a variety of formats. With Macro Scheduler, you can automate the retrieval and insertion of client data into your mortgage processing software whether it's an e-mail, fax, scanned document or more - with the click of a button. From within your mortgage processing application, it's as easy as pressing a button to retrieve information in any way you want, combining it any way you want.

Learn how one client took advantage of streamlined data consolidation by automating their Calyx Point mortgage processing software. Listen to Podcast.

Microsoft came in and said there was no way to automate a particular problem. I downloaded Macro Scheduler and had a working fix in one day!
Ian Smith, UK