When it comes to treating patients, every second and every step saved counts, and can even save a life. That makes Macro Scheduler a natural fit for our healthcare customers because it streamlines repetitive behind-the-scene tasks like data entry, freeing the hands and attention of nurses, physicians, technicians, and other health care personnel.

There's really no reason these highly skilled healthcare workers should spend time typing in the same data every day when those keystrokes can be easily automated (and even scheduled to run unattended) with Macro Scheduler. How much time you can save depends on how many macros you put into use. Some healthcare customers report savings of nine hours a day or more!

Building Technology Bridges in the NHS

At the Royal Bournemouth Hospital Macro Scheduler is automating the transfer of patient diagnosis records as well as employee records and invoice generation, saving staff from the drudgery of manual data entry tasks and freeing them up to treat more patients.

Our Automation Solution is assisting with the transfer of digitised patient records as well as building interfaces between incompatible systems and linking digitised documents to existing electronic records.

"Macro Scheduler has enabled us, as non programmers, to write our own interfaces and macros between a variety of systems."

Jonathan Goss Senior IT Project Manager - Royal Bournemouth Hospital

We can automate any desktop or web application that runs on Windows. At the NHS we've automated and integrated with ESR, SystmOne, Symphony, eCaMIS, Lilie, ImageNow and other systems. But it doesn't matter if we've never even seen it before - if it runs on Windows we can automate it!

Royal Bournemouth NHS Case Study

Hands-Free Filing for Large Medical Vaccine Trial

About 4,000 documents are being scanned and transmitted each day from remote health centers in the Netherlands to a Dutch hospital to support the world's second-largest medical vaccine trial. These documents contain coding readable by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that conveys the remote center and patient involved. Macro Scheduler was used to initiate commands for the OCR software to automatically process these documents for filing, and to extract data from an Excel spreadsheet to cross-check for missing documents.

  • The trial's innovative hands-free filing procedure was validated by external auditors.
  • 340,000 documents total will be filed using the OCR technology.
  • About nine hours a day are saved using OCR, according to the hospital.
  • Automation improves accuracy. Macros validate and detect OCR errors and if needed flag up documents (only 1 in 1000) for manual review.
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Automated Medical Report Generation and Delivery

At Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, Macro Scheduler is automating the generation of important reports and making sure they get to the right people at the right time.

"Macro Scheduler hasn't just been a useful tool, it has been a lifesaver."

Lorence sing MT(ASCP), LIS System Analyst, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Read more about Lorence's experience with Macro Scheduler at Nationwide Children's Hospital

New Uses for Macro Scheduler Await Your Discovery

How you use Macro Scheduler in your healthcare office or clinical setting will depend on what repetitive steps you need to automate. Any data or process keyed into a PC by your staff again and again is a great place to start.

Once you see how much time and money Macro Scheduler saves on one task, you'll think of a few more. Then just imagine that savings being spread to every user in your office, every department, and throughout an institution. Truly, the potential for a medical office, research team, or hospital to save time and money with Macro Scheduler is unlimited.

Learn how one hospital is saving time and money in testing Citrix applications using Macro Scheduler. Listen to Podcast.

"Macro Scheduler costs a fraction of what WinRunner and other competing test tools on the market cost, and it saves money in other ways as well. The other tools generally require a license for every machine we run our test on. With Macro Scheduler, we can create compiled-macros. So, say, we have a team of five testers developing scripts on five licenses. But we want to run tests very quickly on 20 machines. Well, then, we could put compiled-macros on those 20 machines and run the test very quickly, at no additional cost."

We believe (Macro Scheduler) is going to greatly decrease our maintenance cost because it will simplify our scripts---so we will have fewer workarounds. And it will let us use the same method, image recognition, for writing all our scripts---whether it's a web app or client server ... By using one method, we can start including more testers and get our manual testers involved in creating some of their own automation.

Gale Dyvig Seattle Children's Hospital
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"Macro Scheduler has enabled us, as non programmers, to write our own interfaces and macros between a variety of systems. There is literally some kind of thorny problem that we encounter every day where we think "we can use Macro Scheduler to fix that!" In tandem with the software, working with Marcus has been a real positive; who's approach and responsiveness has really impressed me."
Jonathan Goss - Senior IT Project Manager - Royal Bournemouth Hospital
"Every day, the epidemiology report that Macro scheduler initiates may potentially save a child's life... In conclusion, Macro Scheduler hasn't just been a useful tool, it has been a lifesaver. Our Hospital's slogan is "When your child needs a Hospital, everything matters." Macro Scheduler is one of the small details that help us make that true."
Lorence sing, MT(ASCP), LIS System Analyst, Nationwide Children's Hospital
"I am so satisfied with this software. Its value can't be overemphasized. It has helped me automate so many things - even with our old-fashioned (Meditech) emulator."
Christopher Cruz, Good Samaritan Hospital
"I have been working as a medical transcriptionist and am required to move transcribed data from Word on my computer to a form on an Internet site. Copying the body of the transcription was fine but having to copy data to multiple boxes on the site was NOT. Macro Scheduler has reduced significantly the time I have to spend on each report because I have used it to create a macro to automatically move the information. I LOVE Macro Scheduler for that reason alone, but now I am thinking of lots of other uses for it. I have had some programming experience but am not great at it and I had no trouble figuring out how to use Macro Scheduler--that was a big plus."
Carol Richmond, Medical Transcriptionist
"I used to work for a company that used Macro Scheduler, and I think it's just the best thing since peanut butter met jelly. I can't tell you how many hours it saved me there, and I'm finding it will do the same at my new job."
Alan Williams, White River Health System