March 23, 2011

Podcasts: Macro Scheduler Consultant Spotlight with Gary DalSanto

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In our latest podcast series Tracy talks to Gary DalSanto of Inventive Software Designs who is one of our partner consultants providing customers with custom automation solutions and helping them with their Macro Scheduler script development.

Gary has been working with Macro Scheduler since 2006 on a large variety of different automation scenarios. His first experience of Macro Scheduler was when he converted a large scale IBM Rational Robot project over to Macro Scheduler and found that Macro Scheduler matched the functionality at a much lower cost.

I quickly found out that not only Macro Scheduler could perform all the functionality that we were using with the higher priced commercial tool, but it could also do it for a fraction of the cost. So from that point on, I was pretty much sold.

Since then Gary has used Macro Scheduler in projects as diverse as data migration in Telecoms companies to automating ordering systems in a College Bookstore.

So to summarize it all up, by automating all these processes for them over the course of less than a year, the store turned a profit for the first time in the history of the store.

Gary has worked with many MJT Net customers, building custom automation solutions for them using Macro Scheduler, and providing assistance with their own scripts.

Podcast: Gary DalSanto – Part 1: Telecoms Company Data Transfer


Podcast: Gary DalSanto – Part 2: Bookstore Order Processing Automation


More info and contact details for Gary are here.

July 20, 2009

Programming Results without Programming Experience

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In our newest customer podcast Joe Kitt of John R Lyman Company talks about their Order Auto-Acknowledgement system he built using Macro Scheduler which automatically acknowledges all orders coming into their ERP system. Although Joe has been working in IT for 20 years he has so far avoided doing any programming and says that Macro Scheduler allowed him to achieve programming results quickly without any programming experience. At John R Lyman Macro Scheduler is now helping to cut down on manual processes, increase efficiency and awareness and improve the quality of their data.

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March 2, 2009

Podcast: Seattle Children’s Hospital – Testing Under Citrix

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This month’s podcast interview is with Gale Dyvig of Seattle Children’s Hospital. Gale talks about why they chose Macro Scheduler for automating the testing of their systems running in a Citrix environment; why they chose to replace their existing HP WinRunner scripts with Macro Scheduler scripts; and how they are saving money on licenses and ongoing script maintenance.

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January 9, 2009

Podcast RSS Feed

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I have just added an RSS feed for the Podcasts to the Podcast and Testimonial page. You can subscribe here:

January 6, 2009

New Year, New Site, New Look, New Logo, New Podcasts

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Happy New Year everyone!

And it’s not just a new year.  Everything else is new too.  Not content with a new release (Macro Scheduler V11) which we got out early in December we felt it was high time for a new look as well.  So along with a nifty new logo we have a new site design, as you will see if you are reading this on the web site.  If not, head on over to and check it out.

There’s one very minor glitch noticeable only if you are using IE6, which is probably the worst web browser ever made.  Unfortunately, amazingly, according to our web server logs 35% of hits come from IE6.  If you are one of those using IE6 ditch it now!  Upgrade to IE7, or, better, try Firefox or Google Chrome if you have to.  Please.  Ok, we’re working on the IE6 issue.  Rant over.

If you spot any broken links, please let me know.

Also new is a series of Macro Scheduler user podcasts.  We thought it would be cool to interview some Macro Scheduler users, find out more about them and how they are benefiting from the software, what kinds of things they’re doing with it.  We figured rather than doing stuffy old case studies it would be more fun to be a bit more informal and create some podcasts.  You’ll find them over on the Customer Testimonial page.   So far there are six podcasts.  You can hear how Mitch Vincent uses Macro Scheduler for automated data input and software testing at K-Software.  Paul Griffin speaks about AppNavigator, how it is helping make mortgage approvals more efficient and how he became an MJT Net partner.  Antonius Momac also talks about software testing at Triple Point Technologies. Phil Lewis from Siemens tells us how Macro Scheduler helps him administer a large DNS network.  Bob Hansen talks about how he’s made a living automating his clients’ processes; and Keith Passaur of eDocFile talks about document imaging automation.

“I couldn’t work without Macro Scheduler. It is the glue that allows me to automate all the other office applications together.  I couldn’t support my customer’s without it.  I’m just so happy I found it when I did.”  Bob Hansen.

It’s great to hear how different people are using and benefiting from Macro Scheduler, and it’s really useful for other people working in similar areas.  Hopefully this will become a regular series.  If you would like to take part, drop me a line and we’ll set it up.  If you would like to get in touch with anyone featured in a podcast you’ll find links to their company websites on the podcast page, most of them hang out in the forums, or you can just drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch.

You can also subscribe to the podcasts at iTunes.  Here.  Enjoy.

All the very best for 2009 folks!