March 19, 2020

Covid-19 Response – Free Macro Scheduler Licenses for NHS Establishments

Filed under: Announcements — Marcus Tettmar @ 3:16 pm

We find ourselves in challenging times. Things here in the UK seem to be changing rapidly every day. Only last night we heard that our schools will close tomorrow and this morning it was announced they were likely to remain closed for the rest of the academic year. So no school until September. I am already working from home. All of us here at MJT are working remotely, so we’re all safe and able to support you. But with two boys at secondary school I am now preparing for having them both at home and having to make sure they do their work while trying to do mine. Could be interesting!

Clearly though, the biggest challenge is being felt by our amazing health service, which is under incredible pressures. So, where possible I’d like to offer any NHS establishment free use of Macro Scheduler while this crisis lasts. If you work for the NHS and would benefit in using Macro Scheduler, or require additional licenses, please contact me using your NHS email address, tell me what you need Macro Scheduler for and we will see how we can help.

We’ve worked closely with a few NHS trusts over the years. In particular, Bournemouth Hospital has used Macro Scheduler extensively to automate dozens of clinical and administrative processes within the trust. You will find a case study we did with them a few years ago here. Many times Macro Scheduler has been used to streamline processes that save the time of clinicians. And that can mean more patients get seen.