June 7, 2023

Macro Scheduler Update 15.0.23 Available

Filed under: Announcements — Marcus Tettmar @ 1:26 pm

Macro Scheduler 15.0.23 is now available with the following changes:

  • Added: EdgeExecute function
  • Added: RP_CAPTURESTDOUT and RP_STDOUT variables for capturing STDOUT from RunProgram process. Warning: using this will mean RunProgram will ALWAYS wait for the process to terminate, which may require user input in some cases.
  • Added: LClick and RClick can now take multiplier like Press commands, e.g. LCLick * 2, RClick * 2
  • Added: optional 5th param to DateDiff & TimeDiff commands to return whether date2/time2 is later or earlier than date1/time2
  • Added: Between function to return text between two tokens
  • Added: ^ (power) operator to Let command
  • Added: [drive], [folder], [filename] keywords to EasyPattern regex mode.
  • Added: Ability to block comment/uncomment with ctrl+/ in editor

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