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May 20th, 2011 by Marcus Tettmar

Macro Scheduler 12.1.6 is now available. This release includes a bonus new feature: Access to the Macro Recorder from within the editor.

This means you can now record steps within the editor, with the recorded code being inserted at the current cursor position. This also means the macro recorder can be invoked multiple times to insert recorded steps at whatever point in the script you like.

So you could build up recorded scripts step by step or add recorded code to a script you have already written. You might have a macro which gets to a specific point in a script and then you want to record some keystrokes against that application, then manually add some more code afterwards. By being able to access the Macro Recorder from the Editor and insert recorded steps on the fly building up scripts like this becomes much easier.

Check it out. Look for the Macro Recorder icon on the Editor toolbar and under the Tools menu. Download from the usual locations (links below).

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