January 9, 2009

Macro Scheduler Runs In Windows 7

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Whenever Microsoft release a new operating system I’m always a little anxious to make sure we test Macro Scheduler on it as soon as possible and find out what, if anything, needs to be changed. I’ve been following news about Windows 7 for a while now and, reading that it was built on the same core as Vista and Windows 2008, I fully expected Macro Scheduler to run fine on it. But there’s nothing like seeing it in the flesh to be absolutely sure. So when Windows 7 Beta was made available to MSDN subscribers yesterday I didn’t waste much time in downloading it.

Installing Windows 7 into Virtual PC was nice and easy and I’m pleased to say my expectations were right – Macro Scheduler 11 runs absolutely fine.  Everything works as expected, including the macro recorder and even low level stuff like text capturing.  Here’s a screen shot of Macro Scheduler 11 running in my virtual Windows 7 environment:

Macro Scheduler in Windows 7

Macro Scheduler in Windows 7