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October 19th, 2006 by Marcus Tettmar

I see IE7 has been released. Haven’t installed it yet, but I do have an early beta version running on another PC and found that a bit clunky. I’m a Firefox fan though, so I’ve just downloaded and installed Firefox 2 RC3. I like it. The interface has been given a subtle update but it is also noticeably faster. I really like the built in spell check. I used to use the Google toolbar to spell check my posts, when I remembered – I invariably forgot! So having spell check built in is a great improvement. Now I just need to change the dictionary from US English to British English! :-)

You can download Firefox 2 RC3 here.

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One Response to “Firefox2 or IE7?”

  1. Andrea Nagar says:

    Having a spell checker is a great thing. Thanks to your post I realized that the Google Toolbar can spell check a form. I’ve never used that function. It turns really handy when you are writing posts or comments online.
    Thank you.

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