May 25, 2006

Vista Beta 2 Released

Filed under: Vista — Marcus Tettmar @ 5:44 am

So Vista Beta 2 was made available to MSDN subscribers this week. We installed a copy yesterday and my first impressions are good. It installed quickly with the minimum of fuss and the performance is good – it seems pretty quick. Beta 1 was agonisingly slow so it’s good to note that beta 2 is faster. No doubt beta 1 had lots of debug/diagnostic code in it which was slowing things up, and they’ve probably worked on improving performance generally since beta 1. Macro Scheduler 8.0.3 runs nicely in beta 2, as I expected 🙂

Now that beta 2 is here things should start to settle down, documentation will hopefully improve, and more developers will start working on Vista-izing their software. So things should become clearer and we can hopefully get a better idea on what it will take to create a Vista version of AutoLogon. Watch this space.