October 5, 2017

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I’m pleased to announce that Macro Scheduler 14.4 is now available.

Macro Scheduler 14.4 brings you some cool new Screen OCR functions with a handy little Screen OCR wizard to go with them.

We’ve also added a HoldKey function to make it easier to hold keys down or perform key repeats, a function to set the volume and a new Excel function to attach to an existing – already open – workbook. There’s a handy ArrayFind function to help you find an element in an array quickly and for those of you automating downloads from websites there’s the new IEDoDownload function which “auto-clicks” on IE’s annoying download bar and removes the need for the legacy download manager.

For the more advanced programmer there’s also improved variable type awareness to give you more control over how comparisons take place in complex expressions.

For a full list of changes see the version history here. For trial downloads go here. Registered users can download their copy/upgrade in their account here.

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