Screen Scraping with Macro Scheduler

“Advanced, Easy to Use, Windows Software Automation Tool”

Screen Scraping

Macro Scheduler includes a number of text capture and screen OCR (optical character recognition) commands which are able to capture text from any Window. With these commands you can screen scrape regular Windows applications, web sites and web applications. Use these screen text capture commands to:

  • Screen Scrape data from web pages into databases and spreadsheets
  • Screen Scrape data from legacy applications and transfer to new systems
  • Wait for text to appear on the screen to signify completion of a process
  • Validate text fields, check the outcome of automated testing scenarios
  • Make process decisions based on data on the screen

Macro Scheduler now includes Screen OCR functions so that pretty much any text can be recognised even if that text is on an image or is not produced using native Windows API functions.

Download an example application created with Macro Scheduler Pro and find out what text you can capture.
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The screen scraping and ability to Xfer data from web applications automatically into my Access database is invaluable - A brilliant piece of software.
Tony Johnson,
Macro scheduler is a brilliant piece of work, by obviously, very talented people. I must also compliment the writer of the help section which is the most concise and clear help I have seen. A genius piece of work in itself. It enabled me to be up and running in 20 mins.
Ray Neville, Neville Software Engineering