December 2, 2009

What is Automation Software?

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Windows Automation Software allows you to record, build and replay windows macros which automate other software processes and repetitive tasks. These could be any task on your PC. Automation Software macros can automate user interfaces by simulating user activity – e.g. press keys, click the mouse, and interact with other windows. This means that almost any task you perform on your computer can be automated and turned into a macro; and because a macro can emulate a user ANY Windows application can be automated. And you can automate web applications as well as desktop applications.

Steps can be automated by using the Macro Recorder. Use the macro recorder or wizards to record mouse and keyboard actions. Recording a macro is as simple as recording a movie. Simply click start and perform the task. Every keystroke and mouse click is recorded and each new window is monitored. When you’re done and you hit stop the macro is created. You can then run this macro to replay the steps exactly as you recorded them. If necessary you can edit the macro and add new steps to it.

Our automation software includes a simple macro scripting language designed to be easy to understand for beginners, with simple “code builders” to help you create and edit new steps.

The macro scripting language includes over 300 macro commands. Read from and write to text/csv files, Excel and databases, scrape text from the screen using OCR, locate objects on the screen using screen image recognition, manipulate UI elements using the mouse and keyboard, automate your web browser, perform FTP and web transfers, use if-then-else logic and looping constructs, parse strings, create subroutines, build your own user interfaces, manipulate dates and more.