January 24, 2012

WebRecorder 3.0 – Faster, More Reliable, More Functions

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We have today released WebRecorder 3.0.

WebRecorder 3.0 - Faster more reliable internet macros

This is a major rewrite with a better recording engine capable of recording more tags and producing leaner, cleaner, code and a faster and more reliable runtime.

It also introduces a download manager so that file downloads can be recorded and scripted more easily without recourse to sending keystrokes to IE’s standard file download box.

We’ve improved the existing commands so that you can script more tags and use more attributes and added new functions for retrieving data, retrieving the screen position of elements and interfacing with the new native IE functions in Macro Scheduler 13.1.

Oh, and you no longer need to use the mouse to record clicks and form fills!

  • Cleaner, leaner, faster code.
  • More reliable method for waiting for documents to complete loading
  • Download manager for scripting file downloads
  • Better error trapping
  • Ability to set timeout for Clicks and Form Fills etc
  • Click and Form fill functions will wait until target tags exist (within timeout)
  • New functions for extracting data
  • New function to get X,Y screen position of elements
  • No need to use the mouse to identify recorded elements
  • New, improved UI look and feel
  • Runtime component integrates better with Macro Scheduler’s script controller (faster termination, less liable to hang ups when aborting scripts etc)
  • Interface easily with Macro Scheduler’s IEGetTags and IETagEvent function
  • New script function for waiting for text in the page before continuing
  • Functions to automatically set extracted tag buffer size and avoid buffer overruns

More information on WebRecorder here.  WebRecorder 3.0 scripts require Macro Scheduler 13.1 to run.

Enterprise customers with in-date maintenance can already download WebRecorder 3.0 from the registered download area.

Other customers can view upgrade options in their registered download account, or download a trial version here.

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