October 17, 2019

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It’s been a while in the making, but we just released Macro Scheduler Version 14.5.5.
Registered users can download it here, and the trial version is here.

Version 14.5.5 15/10/2019

– Upgraded Python engine to Python 3.7.4 with ability to run Python 2.7 (PYTHON_DLL variable)
– Updated OCR engine to latest version of tesseract
– Updated native text capture engine
– Fixed: ArrayFind crashes if null array suffix provided
– Fixed: non existent subroutine cause script to end after error even if ignoring error
– Fixed: OCRArea incorrectly giving error on negative coordinates
– Fixed: Access Violation in OCRScreen for large screens (scaling has been removed for OCRScreen).

You should notice an improvement in OCR engine speed. Just this morning we tested OCRImage on a 1700 x 900 BMP image packed with text, and it extracted every character flawlessly in under three seconds.

The native text capture engine has been updated, improving the previous text capture capabilities.

One or two of you were asking about running Python 3.7, so we upgraded the engine to Python 3.7.4.

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