July 5, 2010

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This was posted to the forum recently and I thought I would share:

I’m currently using [Macro Scheduler] to pull aviation electronic manufacturing information from a SAP database, compile into a MS Access database, then generate a report such that the data becomes useful information needed to identify and prioritize manufacturing tasks and processes across a diverse profile of complex systems being manufactured.

Had to spend hour+ (heavy on the +) every day spread out throughout an entire shift getting this information manually. Often, due to the length of time to acquire the info, the information would be derived too late in the shift to make good use of it. Lost opportunities and manufacturing delays galore.

The information can now be gleaned by anyone within minutes. The entire department is empowered to work smarter through making use of accurate real-time visual status information. Status is no longer hidden or obscure to visualize.

I was able to understand and adapt to the very easy to use Macro Scheduler structure with little frustration. I found that things I tried actually worked as anticipated and worked far more reliably than I dared hope for. When stuck, I found EXACTLY what information I needed in your forums. In fact, I ecstatically found differing superior methods in other areas of interest while searching for these solutions.

I haven’t had this much fun in decades. I want to thank the crew @ mjtnet and the users of Macro Scheduler for the efforts that brought enlightenment to me of a better way to do things.

Share YOUR story – what do you use Macro Scheduler for and how does it benefit you?

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