August 11, 2009

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Filed under: General,Windows 7 — Marcus Tettmar @ 4:37 pm

Back in January we were able to download the Windows 7 beta and I reported that Macro Scheduler 11 is fully compatible with Windows 7. Yesterday the final RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version was made available to MSDN subscribers and so today I upgraded my Vista desktop to Windows 7.

I am pleased to report that the upgrade went painlessly. The only issue I encountered after the upgrade was lack of audio which was easily rectified with a visit to Creative’s website and a download of the updated driver for my audio device. Needless to say, Macro Scheduler is running smoothly under this shiny new interface.

Most people seem to be saying that Windows 7 is the Vista upgrade that makes Vista what it should have been. Seems pretty slick so far, but I’ll report back after I’ve been using it a while.

In the mean time here’s a full list of keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7 which may come in handy for Macro Scheduler developers.