March 25, 2009

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I just upgraded to IE8 on a new Vista desktop with UAC enabled out of the box. Now, WebRecorder macros and VBScript macros which automate Internet Explorer fail to work unless Macro Scheduler is run as Admin. IE’s Protected Mode is turned off, and “Allow scripting of Internet Explorer webbrowser control” is enabled. But if you try to run a WebRecorder macro without elevating Macro Scheduler to run as admin you will see a delay followed by:

Error Calling DLL – Possible wrong number or type of parameters.

If you try and run a VBScript macro which creates an Internet Explorer instance using CreateObject you will get the following error after a delay:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error :429

ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘InternetExplorer.Application’

This problem did not occur with IE6 or IE7.

If you run Macro Scheduler as administrator, or disable UAC everything works fine. To run Macro Scheduler as admin right click on the Macro Scheduler icon and select “Run as administrator”.

I have emailed the IE team at Microsoft to find out if there is any better solution. I will let you know what they say.

Update: No news from Microsoft but after lots of experimentation we discovered some very surprising things which don’t really make any sense, but have enabled us to make some changes in order to solve the problem. The next Macro Scheduler update will therefore have the above issues fixed.

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