December 1, 2008

Help Choose a New Logo

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Help us choose a new logo. The designers have come up with two concepts, both of which we really like. Which one do you prefer?


Logo Concept 1


Logo Concept 2

Place your vote on the forum here (You need a forum account to vote. If you don’t have one feel free to post a comment here instead).

November 26, 2008

Macro Scheduler 11 Beta Update

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Build 025 is now available. More.

November 25, 2008

Easy Text Extraction and Conversion

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If you’ve ever had to write code to read through large text files looking for patterns of text and extracting data you’ll know how fiddly it can be, even with Macro Scheduler‘s simple file reading and text parsing functions.

Well, there’s an amazing tool called TextPipe from DataMystic which makes extracting and transforming text data much easier. TextPipe can read huge files really quickly and allows you to create filters to process and extract the data without having to write any code. And the bonus is that TextPipe plays well with Macro Scheduler too, via its command line interface or ActiveX COM interface which you can call via VBScript.

I think TextPipe is a really nice add-on to Macro Scheduler so we’ve cut a deal with DataMystic to give Macro Scheduler customers a 25% discount off TextPipe Lite, TextPipe Std or TextPipe Pro. Registered users can log into the secure download area to grab a discount coupon which you can use at their site.

Once you’ve created a filter in TextPipe you can easily run it from Macro Scheduler via the command line, or from some VBScript code. And if you want to get really clever you can create filters on the fly with VBScript.

Here’s a simple macro which grabs some log files from a server, then runs a TextPipe filter and does something with the output:

Sub RunTextPipeFilter(filter_file)
  Dim TextPipeApp, Filter

  Set TextPipeApp = CreateObject("TextPipe.Application")
  Set Filter = TextPipeApp.newWindow
  Filter.openFilter( filter_file )
  Set Filter = Nothing
  Set TextPipeApp = Nothing
End Sub

//download the server logs

//run the filter

//transfer the output file

For more on what you can do with TextPipe’s ActiveX interface see the VBScript Examples at which can easily be used inside Macro Scheduler.

November 19, 2008

Macro Scheduler 11 Beta Update

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Build 022 is now available:

November 18, 2008

Macro Scheduler Manual Giveaway

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We have a bunch of Macro Scheduler v10 Manuals left in stock which will soon be replaced by v11 editions. So I’m offering some for free. If you want one, you need to do one of the following things:

– Tell us how you are using Macro Scheduler here

– Post a review and a link on another website, and send me the link.

The manuals are 150 pages, perfect bound and normally cost $19.99. And I’ll ship to anywhere in the world.

We’re also currently giving away a free manual with every Macro Scheduler v10 order. If you buy Macro Scheduler 10 now you’ll also get v11 free when it is released in the next few weeks. So there’s no reason to put off your purchase. Go here for more details.

November 17, 2008

Macro Scheduler 11 Beta Update

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Build 021 is now available:

November 13, 2008

Success Story: Progressive Dairy Health Services Saves $16k/year

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“Its simplicity made a veterinarian able to write some “code” that did the things that needed to be done automatically.”

Macro Scheduler gets used in all kinds of fascinating places by all kinds of people. Eduardo Garbarino is a veterinarian working for Progressive Dairy Health Services and is using Macro Scheduler and Workflow Designer to automate some of their key software processes. I asked Eduardo if he would share his experiences in a short interview. Here it is.

What problem or challenge were you facing that moved you to look for an automation solution?

“There were a few processes that needed to run that were done manually and sometimes were not run on time. Also there is an important amount of information that we collect and analyze from the dairies we service that took a lot of time to extract from the dairy program and inserted in excel.”

What were you doing prior to Macro Scheduler?

“Manually extracting information and entering information between different programs. Also some processes were run manually in our milk laboratory program.”

What types of features/tools did you need in an automation solution?

“Something flexible and simple to learn since I am not a computer geek, I am a dairy veterinarian that uses computers and programs to provide a more complete service to our clients.”

What did Macro Scheduler bring to the table that made it the right solution for your business?

“Macro Scheduler is a very flexible and easy to learn program that allowed me to do a variety of tasks. I started with it just to run a couple of very simple tasks and as I learned more of the program, was able to use it on different applications. I think I will keep discovering and using new features (new for me) in the near future. Its simplicity made a veterinarian able to write some “code” that did the things that needed to be done automatically.”

How has Macro Scheduler been received by your employees to date?

“They are amazed with the time we save on computer work.”

What have been the benefits of using Macro Scheduler?

“Before using Macro Scheduler it took one person working about 10 working days to extract information and insert it in Excel to provide our clients with the information needed to monitor their businesses.

We service about 40 dairies with 3000 cows each. Now we can let the program run before leaving the office at night and by the next morning all spreadsheets are completed and ready to go. These kind of time savings mean to us about 80 hours per month. At $17/hr that is $1360/month or $16320/year.

The other important aspect is that it differentiates us from the competition as this process done manually is very tedious and many times not completed, while after automation we guarantee the timely delivery of the information. Our competition has quit on providing this service.”

What tools and features of Macro Scheduler are you using the most?

“I use the DDERequest function a lot (for interaction with Microsoft Excel). I also use Workflow Designer for simplifying development and building automation routines in flowchart form.”

Why would you recommend other organizations use Macro Scheduler?

“Macro Scheduler has no limit on what you can accomplish. It is basically up to your imagination. Also it is very simple to learn and use. But the most important reason is the excellent technical support that stands behind the product, with very quick responses to questions and providing solutions to your projects.”

Want to share your Macro Scheduler Success Story? Drop me a line.

November 12, 2008

Macro Scheduler 11 Beta Build 020

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Build 020 is now available:

November 11, 2008

Macro Scheduler on Linux

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Apparently Macro Scheduler runs on Linux via Crossover without problem:

November 6, 2008

New Forum for Software Testing

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I have created a new forum dedicated to using Macro Scheduler for Automated Software Testing. So if you are using Macro Scheduler for software testing, please head on over and introduce yourself, post about your experiences and share any tips you might have.

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