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January 23rd, 2008 by Marcus Tettmar

There’s a new Software Deal of the Day site about town. It is called, appropriately enough, Software Deal of the Day and it can be found at

Each day the site features a different software title with a juicy big one-day-only discount. Unlike other similar sites they also offer a “Second Chance Discount” after the software has been featured.

Macro Scheduler will be offered on Software Deal of the Day on February 4th. So if you haven’t got a copy of Macro Scheduler yet, keep your eyes peeled for the one-day discount.

3 Responses to “Macro Scheduler on New Software Deal of the Day Site”

  1. Artak says:

    Thanks for valuable info.
    A question – As a software developer, how can I submit the software to that website? I didn’t find any submission forms of on the website, but a lot programs offered at discount.
    Please, if you know the method of submission a software, let me know.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Marcus Tettmar says:


    Bottom right, click on “Contact Us”. Direct link:

  3. Artak says:

    Thanks Markus,
    I submitted a query. Hope they’ll give a positive response.
    Thank again

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