October 20, 2006

Filed under: Vista — Marcus Tettmar @ 3:47 pm

The biggest annoyance for me with Vista is that, by default, the “Run..” option is no longer on the Start menu. If you’re like me it’s probably one of the most used items on your computer! Now, you can use the search box in Vista in the same kind of way. But there’s no drop down bringing up the last typed entries. Apparently, Microsoft removed the Run box from the Start menu because they seem to think most people won’t need it any longer. Hmph. I’m obviously not most people!

Luckily you can get good old “Run command” back by right clicking on the Start menu and selecting “Properties”, then “Start Menu”, then “Customize” and checking the “Run command” option.

But the simplest solution is one I missed completely! Just press the Windows key and R together. Win+R is the shortcut for the Run command. Simple!

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