If you have a task which is repetitive, where the same thing is done over and over again, it might be a candidate for automation.

You can use our Macro Scheduler product to automate tasks like this (and more). But if you don't have the time to learn a new tool and want to get your task automated quickly we could do it for you.

We can create a Macro Scheduler executable task (a little program) that runs on your computer and does the task automatically. It can be set up to run itself, and do the same thing at a specified time every day. You may not even need to install any other software.

Even complicated tasks that involve filling out forms or looking at data to determine what action to take can be automated.

If the work is done on a computer and needs to be done on a regular basis - every day, every week, every month or every hour - it could be a candidate for automation.

This can save you many hours - even days - of work over the course of a year.

And with automation, you never have to train anyone. You never have to deal with people getting sick or going on vacation or any of the other issues that come up when you are dealing with human beings. The work just gets done - on your schedule, automatically.

Pricing and Process

We work on all sizes of projects. Many basic tasks take no more than an hour to build. Some may take several days. We generally quote an hourly rate and will keep you informed throughout the process.

We will begin by talking to you about your process and, if needed, doing a desktop sharing session so that we can see your task in action. From this we can advise whether or not the task can be automated (it usually can) and how complicated it will be.

We may need remote access to your desktop in order to create the task, as many scenarios are system specific. We have the software to do this and all we need is your permission and we can do it at a time to suit you. However, if the software/systems are publicly available we may be able to create the process locally. But we can discuss this at the outset.

It also helps to see a brief outline document showing screenshots and listing the actions you need to take, or even better, a screencast.

Drop us a line if you would like to get started.


I am sending you this message after the consultancy services you've provided to me.

First of all, let me thank the MJT Net team for their availability and listening capacity. I am no programmer and I am quite sure you needed some time to understand and organize the project I submitted. Your software is certainly second to none; but what makes it really powerful are the brains behind it.

You have the patience to make the customer express their concern in the best manner possible, so you can handle their request accurately and to the point. Not being a native english speaker, I must admit I appreciated this particularly.

After your consultancy services I was able to delve myself into the program and make some tweaks on the scripts. Just to mention how easy your software is to understand.

I am much satisfied from what I have obtained: the MJT Net consultancy services and the Macro Scheduler software.

I am confident that the script you developped for me will contribute to a successful marketing strategy I am setting up.

Thank you again.


Jacques Tévoédjrè