Problems Detecting Outlook SOLVED

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Problems Detecting Outlook SOLVED

Post by Tourless » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:04 pm

Hi Folks,

I'm simply trying to SetFocus to an existing instance of Outlook. No luck. I tried ensuring I was running MS as Admin, still no luck. I've tried IfWindowOpen, FindObject with UIClick, and WindowAction. I continue to be unsuccessful. Why am I having such a hard time setting the focus or making the existing Outlook window the active window so I can interact with it?
Now I suppose I don't have to interact with Outlook directly if I can paste the content of the clipboard directly to the body of an email using SMTPSendMail. The clipboard will contain an image, not an image file such as a jpg or png, but an image taken from a snapshot application with I can manually copy and past into my email body with a simple CRTL+C/CTRL+V, but the whole point here is to automate!


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