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Chrome Bookmarks script

Post by Dorian (MJT support) » Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:05 am

I thought this might help some beginners out there.

Two of the things I dislike the most are using my mouse when I don't have to, and fishing around trying to find certain bookmarks. I know it's only a few seconds, but I use bookmarks multiple times per day.

One thing I learned years ago is that we can use shortcut keys to select a bookmark as long as each bookmark begins with a unique character.

So I label my bookmarks in order of importance :

1 Open Tabs

Within 0 MJT, I have :
0 Support System
1 Subscriptions
Help Tickets
! Microsoft

I've assigned F2 as a hotkey for this script. Notice it automatically sends "0" which takes me to the "0 MJT" folder. Don't forget to remove that if you want to use this snippet. Then I just press a key for the correct bookmark. So F2/H takes me to help tickets, F2/F takes me to the forum, and so on. The mousemove is just to move my mouse away from wherever the bookmarks pop up.

Code: Select all

UIClick>Google Chrome*,{"Chrome"}
I'm sure a lot of us have daft little scripts like this.
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