Macros for job search? Can they do the work? How to do that?

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Macros for job search? Can they do the work? How to do that?

Post by ssilverssoul » Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:57 am

I would like a macros to do the work I have to do for my job search since what I do is very repetitive. I would like to know, if a macros can do this, and if not, if there is any other way this task can be automated.
In case it can be done with a macros, how is it done? (I have no knowledge on macros).

The process for applications I go through is as follows:

I have a list of target companies in an excel file, (the companies are all in the same city).
For each company I go into linkedin and input the name of the company, the location and get the first and last name of people that are currently working in the target company and that have the word "director" or "partner" or " principal" or "international" in their title(these are my target leads, so even if linkedin finds someone with the tittle director, I also go through the other ones. The more people contacted the more chances to get a reply).

Once I have their name I have to figure out their email. I do this by inputting the most common structures of emails (,, etc) into to verify they exist.
When I verify they exist I have an email draft that I adapt with the first name of the person and the company name. I input the email discovered in the previous step, I attach my cv, and I give a title to the email.
Send email and hopefully wait for a response.
The process is always the same, so there should be a way to automate it. Can anyone think of how?


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