Big project launching!

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Jerry Thomas
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Big project launching!

Post by Jerry Thomas » Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:04 pm

I know there are lots of big MacroScheduler apps out there, but I wanted share the project I am working on as I haven't tried anything this big before.

We (OMAX) build abrasive waterjet machines.
These use ~60000 psi water and garnet sand to cut metals, glass, PC boards, actually just about anything.

I have built and used dozens of small MacroScheduler applications for testing our software that controls the speed of the cut and the movement of the head.

I am finishing my biggest MacroSchedular project now.
Our main automation test (using an inhouse test tool) takes several days to run - testing 10 parts at 10 thicknesses with multiple materials at different water pressures, etc. This feeds to an Excel spreadsheet so we can compare the data to previous versions.

Now, I have a 'controller' app that launches MS scripts (compiled exe's) on VM's (typically 54) that launch the test tool. Each one is running a specified subset of tests (the controller assigns the tests) so we can run different versions of tests very easily.

It looks like the test time now is under 3 hours!!!

By building in features like 'UpdateLocalFiles' it is very easy to update the part files or add new materials, to any or all of the VMs. (I may want to update some of the machines while others are already running a test - so cloning just some of images would be a pain). The controller app even collects the data from the sub tests and puts it in a csv file in the proper order.

The Big ToDo I have left (almost finished) will generate random values in addition to the specified tests we run now.
(Test the thickness at 1.01 inches instead of just 1 inch and 1.5 inches.)
Run random numbers in a current build. Run those same numbers in the previous release. Compare the numbers.

MS has (again) proven itself to be a very capable tool.

Many thanks to the whole team for your help over the years!

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Re: Big project launching!

Post by Meryl » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:30 pm


Thanks for sharing that with the community. Wow -- that's something!

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