( ? ) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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( ? ) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Post by JRL » Mon Feb 05, 2024 8:13 pm

:?: Has anyone succeeded in accomplishing anything useful using one of the popular AI programs? For example, has anyone had AI create or even help create a useful and functioning Macro Scheduler script? Several coworkers of mine tried to use ChatGPT to create a batch file a few months back but failed in their attempt. I have no details on what they tried, only their statement during a Teams meeting that they failed. Our company has now provided access to some version of Co-Pilot. I know very little about it but it shows up on the right side of the screen in Edge. I get a sense that it may be just a browser enhancement. But its existence has prompted me to ask here: Does anyone have any useful insight into how AI might be used to provide useful outcomes? "Bananas are berries but strawberries are not", though mildly interesting, is not a useful data point for my daily activities.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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