Confirm completion of uploading image from web.

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Confirm completion of uploading image from web.

Post by mpsinfo » Sat Feb 03, 2024 10:11 am

I am automatically saving screenshots from the WEB and I have set a waiting time of 10 seconds, after scrolling the screen because with my slow internet line at 25Mb/sec and the site where I download from is slow, the image has time to download. Sometimes these 10 seconds are a lot, sometimes they are few I should increase it to 15-20 sec.
I wanted to know if there was some way to make the macro understand that the image screen is complete in its loading.

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Press Down * 33
// Attendi 10 secondi che l'immagine completi il caricamento
Msg>Salvato mappa colonna # %cnc% - riga # %cnr%    - SALVATAGGIO # %num%

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