Macro Scheduler Lite — Macro Recorder Tool

Keyboard Macros, Mouse Macros & More
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Simple, Low Cost Macro Recorder & Automation Tool

Macro Scheduler Lite is our low cost entry level automation solution, containing the core features of its big brother, Macro Scheduler Std.

  • Keyboard & Mouse AutoClicker. Automatically click the mouse and/or send key strokes in any window.
  • Keyboard & Mouse Macro Recorder. Easily Create Scripts in Minutes.
  • All the same keyboard and mouse simulation features found in Macro Scheduler Std for controlling applications and user interfaces.
  • Copy, move, delete, read, write and edit files.
  • Easy to use Code Builder and Script Editor
  • Over 250 Powerful Built-in Script Commands, Loops, Conditionals etc.
  • Easily upgrade to Macro Scheduler Std later for just the difference in price if your task demands more power.

Product Comparison

  Enterprise* Professional Standard Lite
Macro Recorder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Script Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduler Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyboard/Mouse Macro Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Window/Object Control Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
File System Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Loops, Conditionals, Branching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Script Debugger Yes Yes Yes No
Registry Functions Yes Yes Yes No
UI Functions (IAccessible) Yes Yes Yes No
Database Functions Yes Yes Yes No
Native Excel Functions Yes Yes Yes No
FTP Functions Yes Yes Yes No
Email Functions Yes Yes Yes No
Telnet Functions Yes Yes Yes No
HTTP Functions Yes Yes Yes No
AES Encryption & Hashing Yes Yes Yes No
Dialog Designer Yes Yes Yes No
Screen Image Recognition Yes Yes Yes No
Screen Text Capture & OCR Yes Yes Yes No
OnEvent Handlers Yes Yes Yes No
Embedded VBScript Yes Yes Yes No
Windows AutoLogon Yes Yes Yes No
WebRecorder Yes Yes Yes No
Script Compiler Yes Yes No No
Remote Controller Yes No No No
Workflow Designer Yes No No No
5 Client Runtimes Yes No No No

* The Enterprise Pack is an add-on to Macro Scheduler Pro

Any feature not mentioned can be assumed to be in all versions.


This has to be by far the best software I have ever purchased in my life. I recouped my investment within the first 10 minutes of using the software. I'm on day 3 now and every few hours I create another free employee to work for me. Thanks MJTNet!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This has to be the best macro software since they invented "snuff". For you young folks, that is a tobacco that is chewed. I have used a lot of far more expensive macro programs and they just don't hold a candle ... Bottom line you have a sold customer for life.
Tom Chambers


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