Not supported in Macro Scheduler Lite.


This function requires Microsoft Excel to be installed.


Retrieves the value in cell of given row,col coordinates from specified sheet name in workbook referenced by XLBookHandle.  XLBookHandle is a handle returned by XLCreate/XLOpen.


Result is a variable name to store the retrieved value in.


To retrieve the underlying formula rather than the value first set XL_GET_FORMULAS to 1 (Let>XL_GET_FORMULAS=1) and remember to switch back to 0 for subsequent value retrievals.


Abbreviation: XGC

See also: XLAddSheet, XLCreate, XLDelCol, XLDelRow, XLDelSheet, XLFind, XLGet, XLGetSheetDims, XLGetSelectedCell, XLGetSheetNames, XLOpen, XLQuit, XLRun, XLRunCode, XLSave, XLSelectRange, XLSetCell, XLSetCellColor, XLSetRangeFormat, XLSheetToArray