Moves the mouse cursor to the position X,Y relative to the upper left corner of the window currently in focus.  0,0 will be the upper left hand corner of the active window.  Variables containing the coordinates can be used in the command.


The advantage of this command over the MouseMove command, is that this will not fail when the window changes its position or resizes, or if the screen resolution is changed.


To help determine a particular point on the screen, the macro window has a cursor monitor which updates as you move the cursor.  See Creating Scripts.   To determine a point relative to a specific window, try moving that window so that its upper left corner is in the upper left corner of the screen (position 0,0).  Maximising the app would achieve the same result.   Then you can use the values displayed in the cursor position monitor of Macro Scheduler.


Abbreviation : MMR

See also: MouseMove, LClick, LDown, LUp, LDblClick, RClick, RDown, RUp, RDblClick, MouseOver




If position 40,50 is a point relative to the current window, on a button, the following script would cause that button to be clicked :