Macro Scheduler 15




This command causes Macro Scheduler to wait until the pixel colour at the specified pixel coordinates changes to the colour specified in ColorCode.  If it doesn't change to that colour within the number of seconds specified in Timout, the command stops waiting and the variable WPC_RESULT is set to FALSE.  WPC_RESULT is TRUE if the command terminated because the colour changed to the specified colour within the specified time.  if Timeout is set to 0, the command will wait indefinitely.


To determine the correct colour code to use, click the drop down menu button next to the cursor position monitor on the macro properties form.  From the drop down menu select 'Pixel Color' and the pixel colour of the current mouse cursor position will be added to the display along with the X and Y coordinates.   Now you can determine the correct colour code of any pixel on the screen.


Abbreviation : WPC

See also: Wait, WaitWindowOpen, WaitWindowClosed, WaitCursorChanged, GetPixelColor, GetRectCheckSum, WaitRectChanged