Macro Scheduler 15




This command causes Macro Scheduler to wait until the cursor of the foreground window changes.  If it doesn't change within the number of seconds specified in Timout, the command stops waiting and the variable WCC_RESULT is set to FALSE.  WCC_RESULT is TRUE if the command terminated because the foreground window cursor changed within the specified time.  if Timeout is set to 0, the command will wait indefinitely.


This command is useful for waiting for applications to become idle.  For example, it can be used after initiating some operation in an application that invokes the hourglass cursor, so that you can wait for the application to become idle again.


Abbreviation : WCC

See also: Wait, WaitWindowOpen, WaitWindowClosed, WaitPixelColor




Change Directory>c:\program files\agent\data

Run Program>"c:\program files\agent\agent.exe"