Macro Scheduler 15




NB: This function does not work in Windows 95


Positions the mouse cursor over the specified toolbar button of the specified window.  Works only with toolbar objects of class ToolbarWindow32.


toolbar_index and button_index are integer values and begin at zero, where a toolbar_index of 0 indicates the first toolbar created on the window, and 1 the next and so on.  Use Tools/View System Windows to find objects of class ToolbarWindow32 belonging to a window, and/or experiment to determine which index should be used.


Many modern menu systems are actually ToolbarWindow32 class objects rather than menu objects.  Internet Explorer uses a ToolbarWindow32 for it's main menu.


window_title can contain an asterisk (*) as with all other window functions.


If the last character of the window title specified is an asterisk (*), Macro Scheduler will attempt to locate the first window whose title matches the text entered exactly. If it cannot make an exact match it then looks at all windows and stops at the first one it finds whose title contains the entered text. This solves the problem with applications such as Word or Netscape which change their titles depending on the document loaded. It is best to try to provide an exact (including case) window title to ensure the correct window is found, as many applications have multiple invisible windows with similar names.  Specifying text without a trailing asterisk will force Macro Scheduler to only look for an exact match.


Abbreviation : TBR




Toolbar>Internet Explorer*,0,2