Macro Scheduler 15




Not supported in Macro Scheduler Lite.


Sets the value of an object's property.  To access properties of the dialog itself leave ObjectName blank.


To see a list of available property names edit the dialog in the Dialog Designer and select the control.  The property names are displayed in the Properties grid.  Where the property type is a list (i.e. can have more than one value), specify each item delimited by commas within square brackes (e.g. [biSystemMenu, biMaximize]).  Look at the properties grid in the Dialog Designer to see existing property values for an example.  Note that in the properties grid you are presented with a drop down box with checkboxes, indicating that more than one item can be chosen.  Some properties can take one of a set number of values.  In the Dialog Designer properties grid you will see all available options in a drop down box for the property concerned.


See also: GetDialogProperty

Abbreviation: SDP




SetDialogProperty>Dialog1,Memo1,Text,Hello World


Let>border_icons=[biSystemMenu, biMaximize]