Macro Scheduler 15

Release ...

Some keys that can be pressed must also be released.  This facilitates holding down a key while another is pressed, such as with the ALT key for instance.


For example, to exit a program you would press ALT and F together to activate the File menu, followed by the X key to select the Exit option. To simulate this in a script you would Press ALT, then send the text FX and finally Release ALT. This would appear in the script window as :


Press ALT

Send Character/Text>FX

Release ALT


By setting PRESS_ALLOWVARS to 1, Release can accept a variable name in place of the key name.


The following release key commands exist :


Release ALT

Release LALT

Release RALT

Release ALTGR


Release CTRL

Release LCTRL

Release RCTRL


Release Shift

Release LShift

Release RShift


Release LWinKey

Release RWinKey