Macro Scheduler 15

Press ...

All commands starting with Press facilitate the sending of non-character keys.  To issue a Press command more than once add the '*' symbol followed by the number of times to issue the command at the end of the line:


Press Key * n




Press Tab * 5


Use SK_DELAY to insert a delay between key presses.  Set SK_DELAY to a number of milliseconds to wait between key presses.  Th default value for SK_DELAY is 0.


By setting PRESS_ALLOWVARS to 1, Press can accept a variable name in place of the key name.


The following is a complete list of all commands, with explanations where necessary :


Press Backspace

Press Tab

Press Enter

Press Esc

Press F1

Press F13

Press F2

Press F14

Press F3

Press F15

Press F4

Press F16

Press F5

Press F17

Press F6

Press F18

Press F7

Press F19

Press F8

Press F20

Press F9

Press F21

Press F10

Press F22

Press F11

Press F23

Press F12

Press F24

Press Home

Press End

Press Up

Press Down

Press Left

Press Right

Press Page Up

Press Page Down

Press Ins

Press Del

Press Shift

Release Shift

Press LShift

} Left/Right Shift Key

Release LShift

} ONLY in Windows NT and later

Press RShift

} you can distinguish specifically

Release RShift

} between left and right keys.

Press CTRL

Release CTRL


} Left/Right CTRL Key

Release LCTRL

} ONLY in Windows NT and later


} you can distinguish specifically

Release RCTRL

} between left and right keys.

Press ALT

Release ALT

Press LALT

} Left/Right ALT Key

Release LALT

} ONLY in Windows NT and later

Press RALT

} you can distinguish specifically

Release RALT

} between left and right keys.


Release ALTGR

Press CAPS

has the effect of toggling caps lock.

Press Num Lock

Press Scroll Lock

Press NP0

0 on Number Pad

Press NP1


Press NP2

Press NP3

Press NP4

Press NP5

Press NP6

Press NP7

Press NP8

Press NP9

Press NP Add

Num pad operator keys

Press NP Subtract


Press NP Multiply

Press NP Divide

Press NP Decimal

Press NP Enter

Press LWinKey


Press RWinKey

}  Windows Keys

Press MenuKey


Press Print Screen

Press Space

Same as Send>space or

Send>{" "} or Send> 


There have been reports that Press CTRL, Press SHIFT and Press ALT sometimes fail when running Macro Scheduler under a Citrix environment.  This can be fixed by setting SK_LEGACY to 1 prior to issuing these keystroke commands.  Some DOS applications also need SK_LEGACY set to 1.