Macro Scheduler 15




Not supported in Macro Scheduler Lite


Performs Optical Character Recognition against the entire screen to retrieve text. Returns the recognised text in the result variable.


This function uses the Tesseract OCR engine via the included ocr.dll runtime file. Language files are stored by default in the "tessdata" folder in the main Macro Scheduler program folder. If compiling a macro that uses this function with Macro Scheduler Pro and selecting the option to copy runtime files the compiler will copy the ocr.dll and tessdata folder to the target folder. If you wish to point this function to a different folder that contains a tessdata folder, set the path with the OCR_LANGDIR variable.


To improve accuracy the image captured from the screen is scaled by a factor of 2. To set a different scale factor set OCR_SCALEFACTOR.


Note that OCR is processor intensive and therefore can take some time. Since the screen represents a large image this function can take a very long time.


See also OCRImage, OCRArea, OCRWindow